BPSI consultancy

BPSI member schools have access to a number of highly skilled professionals.  Membership of the partnership entitles you to open access to our training programme and an allocation of consultancy hours, the amount (in line with your annual charge) is based on your pupil numbers.  These hours can be used to source consultancy in your school based on your identified needs.  Should you require more consultancy than your allocated hours, this can be purchased at a significant discount. There are a number of advisers available to support you. This list provides details of advisors who have worked in Barnet schools and have been recommended by past and/or present Barnet head teachers who are members of BPSI.

BPSI Advisers contact details can be found in the BPSI Members' Area or by contacting the BPSI Support Team on 020 8359 6341 / 6325 / 6306

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Advisers are listed alphabetically below or you can view them by expertise on the Consultancy by Subject/Expertise page.


Blue Text draws attention to a person's OfSTED qualifications, such as: leads Ofsted inspections.  Red Text draws attention to the person being a practitioner currently employed in a school, such as: Headteacher at Martin Primary School

BPSI Advisers

Clementina Aina

Clementina Aina is an experienced, accredited inspector. She works with several local authorities to help schools improve their performance and raise the standard of teaching and learning.


She has a wealth of experience of conducting inspections of independent, mainstream and special schools in the UK and the Middle East. Through her extensive work in supporting school’s self-evaluation and improvement, she has helped schools to share a practical, contextual approach to improving the quality of teaching and learning. She has been successful in empowering schools to develop a creative and innovative approach to steering continuous improvement. 


As an accredited performance management consultant, she advises headteachers and governors on pay and performance of staff. She has empowered school leaders to develop a coaching and monitoring approach to teaching, lesson observation and feedback. Her strategic approach to supporting schools means she has assisted them in linking each school’s overarching priorities to teachers’ performance targets and pupil progress.  

She has conducted reviews of Early Years, whole school and SEN provision and developed school’s capability to meet the educational needs of their pupils.

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen has been working as a teacher and consultant for over 20 years. She has worked with pupils and teachers across all sectors, including primary, secondary and Higher Education. She is currently a lecturer In Education at Middlesex University. She works as a superviser on the MA Education and has run an MFL MA module. She was the MFL Adviser for Barnet and developed and implemented the primary MFL Strategy. She was recognised as a national KS2 trainer for CILT. She has coordinated EU-funded study visits for teachers in France and Spain to enhance their language competence. She has an MSc in Computing and a BA Hons in Applied Language Studies.

Susie Averbrook

Susie Averbrook is an Assistant Headteacher at Colindale Primary School, leading on EMA/EAL throughout the school as well as phase leader for LKS2. She has a wide range of experience from different school communities in London, having worked at Colindale for the past 10 years and prior to this as Deputy Head at Islington Pupil Referral Unit; as a specialist teacher for children with EBD in Southwark, and class teacher in Enfield.

As part of the Senior Leadership Team, Susie’s role of leading the EAL team has involved her working closely with children and families who are New Arrivals to the UK and school community.

Susie has set up a very successful initiative called Parent Champions in her school, which is part of a National Network, helping empower parents through peer-to-peer support; sign-posting other parents to local early education services, such as nurseries and children centres.

Susie can offer support by enabling interested schools to set up their own Parent Champions scheme as part of the new borough wide Barnet Parent Champions Scheme; helping to recruit and train staff and parents in schools, meeting with parent coordinators, organising meetings and networking between the local and National Network of Parent Champions.

Kiran Bagai

Kiran Bagai is a qualified School Business Manager and a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. She has over 10 years’ experience working with schools, both within the Public and Private Sector. This includes 3 years working as part of the School’s Finance team for Barnet where she supported up to 12 schools and a further 8 years supporting both primary and secondary schools as part of their SLT.

Kiran has also been instrumental in helping schools in Financial Difficulty by setting and maintaining difficult school budgets as well as improving timely cash flows throughout the year. Kiran is currently helping lead several secondary and primary schools out of massive deficit positions of between £100,000 and £3,000,000. To achieve this she has been involved in reviewing and proposing major staffing restructures, negotiated major building projects, renegotiated existing contracts and implemented effective processes and controls. She has also helped set their 3 year recovery and action plans.

Kiran enjoys guiding and supporting schools in their drive to achieve and maintain effective and efficient use of all resources throughout all aspects of school life.

Kiran can offer support in areas of Finance, HR, Facilities Management, ICT and School Development.

Tania Barney

Tania Barney has worked in Barnet for the past 10 years, within both educational and health settings.  She has worked within the National Healthy Schools Programme, leading on both Emotional Health and Well Being and PSHE Education.  Tania is a registered Philosophy for Children (P4C) Trainer and is able to provide Level 1 and introductory courses, as well as other Philosophy for Children Inset, and in-school support and follow up.

In addition to thinking skills training, Tania can provide school based training and consultation in the following areas: Health and Well Being (including HealthySchools, PSHEe and SRE), pupil involvement and participation (including school council training) and occupational therapy/SEN advice for developing fine and gross motor skills and understanding sensory processing disorders.

Ray Biglin

Ray Biglin is a highly experienced inspector, reviewer and consultant. Ray has wide experience of working internationally carrying out primary, all through and secondary school reviews in the Cayman Islands and New York and has delivered professional development in an international school in France. He is an accredited BSO inspector and recently was part of a team which carried out an inspection in Abu Dhabi.


Ray provides training for primary and secondary schools and Further Education/6th forms in lesson observation skills, effective senior/middle management and general school improvement. He is also an expert in the leadership and management of post-16 education.


Between 2013 and 2017 Ray worked as an Education Challenge Partner across Norfolk providing regular support and challenge for over 30 primary schools. Currently, he works as an additional inspector quality assurance reader with Ofsted and has worked as an Ofsted Lead Inspector in the past in both the primary and secondary sector He is also working as a school improvement adviser with Leeds Authority and is a Lead Reviewer with Challenge Partners.

Ray can offer support in the following areas: preparing for Ofsted; lesson observation skills; self-evaluation; SEN provision; effective use of pupil premium funding; middle management training

Jeremy Bird

Jeremy Bird is an inspirational and visionary school improvement consultant. He has a passion for education with an excellent track record of supporting school leaders. He is a dynamic, pro-active leader and coach, empowering staff at all levels to take ownership using coaching, training and mentoring. A natural communicator, Jeremy has proven ability in building cohesive teams to achieve challenging targets.


Jeremy served as a headteacher in two primary schools prior to becoming a consultant.


Jeremy can offer support in the following areas: Coaching school leaders and governors in primary and special schools; Inducting newly appointed leaders and teachers; Facilitating professional discussion and development in a range of middle, senior and headteacher leadership activities; Supporting leaders in developing the rationale, implementation and evaluation of their curriculum;

Challenging leaders in their self-evaluation of school effectiveness.

Marc Boucherat

Marc Boucherat is an experienced education professional and consultant specialising in leadership and management, school improvement and school based teacher development. He has extensive teaching and leadership experience in London and Hertfordshire. He was head teacher at St Joseph's Junior School, Barnet until 2004, leading the school to be recognised as outstanding. He was then senior adviser, SIP and Head of Primary School Effectiveness with Hertfordshire LA.

Since 2012 Marc has worked as a senior lecturer, tutor and consultant in teacher and leadership development with the University of Winchester, working directly with leaders, trainees and teachers in the southern region to develop schools, teaching schools and alliances within the new ‘self improving’ system. He has focussed on school based teacher training, teacher/leadership development, school to school support and system leadership. Marc completed Ofsted training in 2006 and supported schools as a national strategy consultant leader whilst a serving head teacher.

Marc can offer support in the following areas: school self evaluation and improvement; improving teaching and learning; analysing progress and attainment; head teacher, senior and middle leadership guidance, coaching and development; head teacher appraisal; support for schools in challenging situations; leading in a Catholic or faith school; system and executive leadership; guidance for teaching schools, alliances and MATs; school to school support; school based teacher training (school direct, assessment only); research based staff development; lesson study for improvement.

Luke Bridges

Luke Bridges is the Headteacher of All Saints' CE (N20) Primary School.  He was previously the deputy head teacher of St Paul's Primary School for 6 years.  Before this, Luke has worked in a variety of nursery and primary schools internationally and in London.  He had responsibility for literacy, assessment and P.E.  He can offer support in using 'School Pupil Tracker' to analyse assessment data.  He can demonstrate how data can be shared with parents, teachers, school governors and inspection teams.  He can show senior leaders how to gather information on the relative progress and attainment of different groups of children in core learning areas.  This evidence can be used to support a school's self-evaluation and respond to questions raised during an Ofsted inspection.

Kelly Brooker

Kelly Brooker is a specialist in Early Years Education. She has worked as a Foundation Stage teacher for over 15 years and as an Early Years consultant in Hillingdon and Barnet. Kelly is currently the Deputy Head of Brookhill Nursery School. 
Kelly is able to offer support on all aspects of Early Years Education, particularly supporting Early writing, Phase 1 phonics, planning and assessment, boys attainment and developing provision for two year olds.

Stacey Burman

Stacey Burman is an enthusiastic adviser with over twelve years’ experience making a positive impact on the learning of primary and secondary pupils in a wide range of schools, including SEND, faith and PRUs, across the spectrum of State, MAT and independent schools.  

She has built on relationships and recognition from several national organisations, institutions, charities and networks to support schools in achieving national awards and run popular training for teachers in RE and humanities for Early Years, primary and secondary.  When working in schools as a consultant, coach or as an Associate Deputy/Head Teacher Stacey builds an excellent rapport with teachers, school leaders and pupils alike.  She has created effective solutions to help schools achieve the required Ofsted and DFE standards, particularly with the new guidance on RSE, developing SMSC and British Values, by using her knowledge and understanding of each schools’ specific requirements whilst protecting the beliefs, values and traditions as well as the ethos of certain faith schools. In addition, she has created successful curriculum and assessment materials for ‘Kodesh’ subjects, which Pikuach approved.  

She is familiar with the most recent Ofsted Education Inspection framework, as well as the latest developmental thinking and effective pedagogy - including assessment for learning. She has additional qualifications for teaching swimming (ASA), Philosophy for Children (P4C), and coaching & mentoring (ILM)

Ruth Charteris

Ruth Charteris is a highly qualified business leader at Wessex Gardens Primary and Nursery School.  She has extensive experience within leadership and in supporting leadership teams, teachers, support staff, children and families to significantly improve attendance within the Local Authority. 

Ruth provides whole staff training, and supports individual members of staff to develop strategies to improve class attendance.  She has successfully supported leadership, learning mentors and administrative teams in schools with low attendance to develop and implement effective action plans together with monitoring systems and polices.    

Ruth can offer support in all aspects of attendance: school-specific attendance reviews and action plans; reviewing areas of policy and practice; understanding and applying legislation; using data to identify areas/groups of concern; delivering training to senior leaders, teaching, administrative staff and learning mentors; implementing monitoring systems; delivering school specific advice and training; dealing with difficult parents to avoid conflict; reporting to the governing body.

Helen Cheung

Helen Cheung has taught across a range of London Schools within Hackney, Harrow and Barnet. She has over twenty years teaching experience and her leadership roles have ranged from Early Years Manager to Acting Headteacher. She has provided consultancy support for National Projects including the National Oracy Project, The National Literacy Project, EMAG and most recently the Communication, Language and Literacy Programme. Most recently she has been working as an Early Years Consultant for Barnet.  In this role she works closely with practitioners across the maintained and non-maintained sectors, delivering INSET, centrally based training and advising senior management. She is a fully accredited QCDA EYFS profile moderator and a member of the Chartered Institute of Assessors.

Diana Choulerton

Diana Choulerton has 25 years’ experience working in education as a teacher, leader and inspector. Diana has worked as one of Her Majesty’s (HMI) from 2014 to 2017.  During this time Diana has developed a wide range of experience and high level of skill related to inspection and education improvement.  This included leading inspections and monitoring visits of primary and secondary schools as well as SEND area inspections.  Whilst working as an HMI she also took on the role of Ofsted National Lead for Design and Technology.  Prior to joining Ofsted she worked as a senior advisor for a local authority leading on 14 to 19 strategy.  Diana also has 13 years’ previous experience working in secondary schools holding middle and senior leadership responsibilities in that time.

Diana offers insight, support and advice for leaders in primary and secondary schools and local authorities on all aspects of education improvement.  Specific areas of expertise include; change management, monitoring and evaluation, development planning, curriculum and assessment, teaching pedagogy, SEND reform implementation and 14-19 strategy.  Diana also remains passionate about D&T education and welcome opportunities to utilise my expertise in the subject.

Spencer Clayton

Spencer Clayton has been a serving headteacher of Queenswell Junior School for fourteen years and understands the challenges of that role. In addition, he has taken the lead in ensuring the Junior School Alliance continues its school improvement role. He can offer mentoring for Headteacher; advice and guidance on workload, time management and work-life balance including long term leadership planning including event co-ordination.

Elaine Corcoran

Elaine Corcoran has over 35 years of experience in classroom teaching and leadership.  From 2008 – 2013  she worked for the School Improvement service in Hertfordshire supporting schools in a range of difficult circumstances, including those in Ofsted categories. Elaine is passionate about supporting leadership at all levels.  She has worked alongside head teachers, deputy heads, Sencos and Subject leaders, supporting them with monitoring schedules, school Self Evaluation and preparation for Ofsted and HMI visits. Elaine has coached and worked alongside class teachers.  She particularly enjoys working with staff to develop and manage ‘robust and sustainable systems’  for tracking pupils’ progress and identifying pockets of underachievement.
Elaine can offer guidance and support to schools with the following: detailed analysis of data; pupil progress tracking systems; developing the role of Senco/Inco; developing Subject leaders, both experienced and new to role; joint lesson observations/feedback to staff; detailed school Self Evaluation; Pupil Voice; Work/Planning scrutiny; developing the role of Support Staff.

James Coyle

James Coyle delivers school leadership training, coaching and mentoring in areas such as performance management, teaching and learning, leadership, and data analysis for improvement.
His school improvement experience includes: Ofsted and s48 Lead Inspector; Designated National Leader of Governance (NCSL); Approved Additional Support Governor (HSIP); Teacher Trainer; Chair in Harrow Primary and Secondary Schools over a 20 year period; Professional Development programme for Governors HSIP and Best Practice Network (BPN); Assessment of teachers for ITT, QTS and PGCE; Assessment systems for students learning.
Impact of work undertaken to support school improvement: Board member Harrow School Improvement Partnership since 2011; School Improvement Adviser Brent Secondary Schools; Chair of GB at outstanding Harrow school – Ofsted 2014; Completed school improvement interventions across London and SE following Ofsted RI referral to the National College and HSIP; Endorsed audits and action plans for improvement in teaching and learning, designed to drive up rates of progress, narrow the gap between learners and develop school leaders; Successful tutor to trainee teachers on behalf of the University of Buckingham.

Katie Dawbarn

Katie Dawbarn is currently a Learning Network Inspector for Barnet.   Previously, she was the head of Wessex Gardens Primary School.  In her current role, Katie is responsible for monitoring, challenging and supporting 30 schools in her network.   This includes working with leaders in completing full reviews of achievement information, working with senior leaders on aspects of school improvement and leading reviews of practice in school.  As a head, Katie had a proven track record in developing middle leadership in order to improve standards in school.  As a Learning Network Inspector, she has responsibility for developing support for heads, deputies and assistant heads in school and has experience of recruiting all senior leaders (including heads and deputies).  She is currently supporting schools in raising rates of attendance.  All of her professional experiences have particularly strengthened Katie’s commitment to improve the opportunities for vulnerable children and their families and in removing barriers to learning.

Alexia Dobinson

Alexia is the School Administrator/Business Manager at Garden Suburb Infant School and has 12 years’ experience in education. Prior to this she worked in recruitment, her last role was Management Information Manager within various financial institutions working on databases and providing analysis and reports for senior management as well as working closely with payroll and finance. With 22 years’ experience of payroll/recruitment/personnel and over fifteen years’ experience in database management and reporting, Alexia has a good understanding of all these areas. 

Alexia has developed and managed systems within the school to facilitate all aspects of school administration including the termly census returns, managing the school database (Integris G2), admissions, finance, payroll, recruitment, redeployment of staff and premises management as well as producing reports for the analysis of data (incl financial, assessment and cohort). Alexia has a good working knowledge of all the processes and procedures required for ensuring that the school obtains maximum funding and best value from pupil premium and census data to contract management.

Alexia can offer support in the following areas: census returns; pupil premium and other school funding; Integris G2; reports and data analysis; MS Excel; payroll (incl Capita HR systems); contract management; general school administration.

Colin Dowland

Colin Dowland has been a headteacher for 15 years, leading schools in Barnet with very diverse catchments. He is currently headteacher at Woodridge Primary School in Finchley.

Colin can offer support and advice ‘from the inside’ on the 2019 Ofsted Framework, having survived an inspection in October 2019. He can also offer mentoring for senior leaders; advice on leadership and management; school improvement planning; staff re-structuring; school governance; developing middle leaders; provision in The Arts and Artsmark; staff well-being and how to use branding. He can also offer biscuits, a listening ear and empathy, if that is what is needed.

Colin is also a children’s author and an award-winning playwright. He can deliver fun, informative and interactive sessions about his approach to writing books and plays, through school writer visits – see www.colindowland.co.uk

Jillian Dunstan

Jillian Dunstan was the Head Teacher of Mathilda Marks-Kennedy Jewish Primary School for 11 years. This is a successful one form entry community school (with Nursery) in Mill Hill. The school is currently graded as outstanding and the recent Pikuach (Jewish Studies) inspection also graded the school as outstanding. Prior to that she was Deputy Head in a three form entry school in Harrow.

Jillian can offer support in Head Teacher performance management reviews as well as data analysis to inform the SEF and SIP. She can also assist in areas of leadership and management. Jillian has mentored new Head Teachers, as well as mentoring other members of SLT. She has also been involved in developing Middle Leaders, as well as in developing teams and leaders at all levels to improve standards. She gains much pleasure from seeing staff develop in their roles. Jillian also started work in her school focusing on the area of Staff Mental Health with a view to improving the retention of staff and developing a positive work environment.

Cobi Ebrahimoff

Cobi Ebrahimoff is a former Head of an outstanding primary faith school with extensive experience in supporting school improvement. Instrumental in leading the school’s secular studies from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ and Jewish Studies from ‘Satisfactory’ to ‘Outstanding’, he is currently the Principal of the Independent Jewish Day School Academy in Barnet and the Executive Head of King Solomon, a British international all-through school in Israel. His qualifications include: BA in finance, MSc research in implementing change within school settings, NPQH, NLE, rabbinical ordination and Pikuach (Section 48) inspector. He tailored successful financial models for a range of schools and has substantial experience in developing Religious Education curricula, particularly in Jewish Studies.

Cobi can offer support in financial management and policies, effective appraisal systems, Headteacher Performance Management Reviews, data analysis to inform the SEF and SIP, training on effective use of data to inform planning, curriculum development and assessment in Jewish Studies, preparation for Pikuach inspections, SMSCD and training on improving teacher/parent partnerships. Cobi’s expertise provides support and training for Headteachers and Senior leaders aiming to achieve high standards of teaching and learning across secular and religious studies.  

Helen Elliott

Helen Elliott is an independent safeguarding and child protection trainer andconsultant. She has over 30 years experience as a practitioner and manager in children’s services and the Probation Service where she was a strategic lead in managing perpetrators of sexual and violent offenders. More recently, she was the Manager of Barnet Safeguarding Children Board and is therefore well placed to work with local schools. Helen has also contributed to national and London policy and procedures. She is involved in the Home Office Ending Gangs and Exploitation initiative as an accredited peer reviewer and is an approved WRAP (Prevent) facilitator. She also has recent experience as an associate lecturer on Early Childhood Studies and Postgraduate Social Work Degrees.


Helen has had a significant role developing and delivering training and support in safeguarding and child protection for partners, including schools and early years settings. She can provide consultancy and advice to help schools develop or review safeguarding practice, policy and procedures. This includes:


  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Training for schools (including INSET)

  • Home Office Accredited WRAP ( Prevent) workshops

  • Gangs and Serious Youth Violence Awareness

  • Safer Recruitment Training for Heads and Governors or others with recruitment responsibilities

  • Safeguarding audit and review

  • Support in developing safeguarding and CP policies

Bobbi Elman

Bobbi Rohrer-Elman is an autism consultant, advocate and trainer with a particular interest in improving knowledge and understanding of autism amongst school staff. Bobbi has worked directly with individuals with autism in school and as a facilitator with BEAM. As the parent of a young person with autism, Bobbi can also offer an alternative perspective from a family point of view. Bobbi can support staff working with autistic students giving realistic practical strategies and tools, including training and support for those working lunch and playtimes.  Bobbi emphasises a person-centred approach and is able to tailor bespoke training and support to meet the needs of settings and individuals.

Jackie Engelberg

Jackie Engelberg has over 30 years experience working with young people as a teacher and youth worker. She is also a coach, trainer and qualified counsellor.  Jackie qualified as a secondary school teacher and has since worked in both primary and secondary education as a teacher and school counsellor. She is currently a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Coordinator at Akiva school.  Her work in schools has enabled Jackie to develop a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting disaffected young people and those with emotional and behavioural problems, particularly working with individuals and small groups. This has included training for young people in social skills, anger management, and assertiveness. She has also supported the development of restorative practices, anti-bullying and peer support systems in schools.

She is an independent Kidscape trainer who delivers anti-bullying and peer support training for staff and young people in schools across England. Jackie can support effective approaches to anti-bullying through raising awareness of issues and providing training and support for the school community, targeted young people and perpetrators; facilitate the development of restorative approaches and practices for managing behaviour and conflict; establish peer support/mentoring arrangements including policy and processes as well as skills based training for young people; provide coaching for staff on professional issues and challenges.

Annie Etherington

Annie Etherington is an experienced and well respected trainer. She has been delivering a wealth of courses on autism in Barnet, and beyond, for the past 14 years.  Annie has presented papers and spoken at national and international conferences on autism over many years. She has written a number of papers for specialist publications including The Good Autism Practice journal. She was Lead Author for the Autism Module for the TDA Advanced Training Materials for SEN, an online self-study course at level M. Annie is a Teaching Fellow on the Autism (Children) M.Ed Distance Education programme at Birmingham University.
Annie has developed an extensive programme of training courses which explore understanding, engaging with, including, education and celebrating the pupil on the autism spectrum. She also creates bespoke training sessions in response to specific requests.

Lynne Evans

Lynne Evans is able to provide support and advice for governors, with specific emphasis on turning around their governing bodies and providing the best possible support for their schools.


Lynne was appointed Chair of Governors at St Johns CE Primary School (N20) November 2015 after becoming a governor for the first time in December 2014.  During her first year of office, Lynne proactively sought information and learned about school governance with the primary aim of being the very best that she could be in this important voluntary role. 

In the first year, the governing board oversaw the appointment of a new Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and whole school restructure and a rapid school improvement. The second year in office, Lynne led the governors through a successful OFSTED and SIAMS review.

Lynne is passionate about effective governance and has worked hard to ensure that the right skills are on her own governing body, that best practice is resolutely followed, there is always a cohesive Governor Action Plan in place and that an excellent relationship is in place with the Senior Leadership Team, built on robust challenge, trust and respect.

Hayley Follett

Hayley Follett is currently a Deputy Head Teacher in an 11-18 comprehensive secondary school in North London. She has been teaching in the secondary phase since 1994.  Hayley was accredited with Advanced Skills Teacher status and worked across her Local Authority whilst being a Head of Science for 9 years before moving into leadership and inspection.  Her expertise is in effective teaching and learning.

Jen Gaffney

Jen Gaffney has been the Headteacher of Chalgrove Primary School for 8 years. She has led the school through 2 successful Ofsted’s with Leadership being identified as a strength. She has a proven track record of developing and mentoring leaders at all levels. Jen has experience of leading the school through significant challenges and building projects, including the successful opening of a new additional resource provision for pupils with ASD. She has considerable experience and can offer support with data analysis and strategic school improvement; mentoring new heads; raising standards in teaching and learning and developing middle leaders.

Mark Garfield

Mark Garfield is currently the Assistant Head, Inclusion Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead at Menorah Foundation School.  He has over 20 years teaching experience, including 10 as a SENCo.  In this capacity, Mark has led both his current and previous school, Akiva, through successful OFSTED inspections, working alongside other senior leaders, governors and colleagues.  Whilst at Akiva two BPSI reviews considered SEND to be outstanding.  Mark is passionate about Inclusion and that every pupil has the ability to succeed.  He has overseen the creation of a sensory room at Menorah Foundation and is now in the process of ensuring the school is dyslexia friendly.   

Mark can offer support in the following areas: formulating and developing a SEND Policy and SEND Information Report; working with parents, governors and other stakeholders; making a request for an EHCP; supporting pupils with challenging behaviour/emotions and learning difficulties.

Debbie Goldman

Debbie Goldman has been involved in Music Education for over 30 years in primary and secondary schools, music services and as curriculum adviser for music.  She has led music training over many years for Barnet, launched and developed major music events for schools and lead for Barnet in national strategies such as ‘Sing Up’.  She lectured in music at Middlesex University on the Early Years and Primary PGCE and BA courses and until recently taught music in two Barnet primary schools on a regular basis. Debbie can help your school with: Whole school staff curriculum training; Support and advice for specialist music teachers; Recruitment and interviewing for specialist music teachers; Getting your school singing – for children and teachers; ‘Kick-starting’ a school choir, orchestra or other ensemble; Developing a bespoke music scheme of work; Developing a cross curricular approach; Developing the musical life of your school; Helping with preparing school concerts and borough musical events; Working with teachers and children in the classroom.

Margaret Julia Goodchild

Margaret Julia Goodchild is a highly experienced educational consultant with over 20 years’ experience of leading school inspections. She is experienced in inspecting and supporting nursery, primary, secondary and special schools and PRUs, and undertaking quality assurance work for inspection service providers. She has wide cross-phase teaching and advisory experience and was a Senior Lecturer in Education at Middlesex University with a national role in SEN and EAL. She has been an External Adviser for the Performance Management of Headteachers, and an Advanced Skills Teacher assessor. She is a published writer of EYFS materials for parents and practitioners and of school self-evaluation materials. She has particular expertise in relation to special educational needs and alternative provision and is currently Hertfordshire Improvement Partner for 16 special schools and pupil referral units. She is a fully trained counsellor as well as being an educationalist. Margaret is able to provide the following services to schools: school improvement reviews focusing on whole school effectiveness or aspects of provision chosen by the school; governance reviews; early years’ reviews; headteacher appraisal; coaching for senior and middle leaders; support for school leaders in improving teaching and learning, including through joint lesson observations, and in the use of self-evaluation for continuous school improvement.

Belinda Goodman

Belinda Goodman currently works in The Hyde School and has been teaching in Barnet schools for almost 20 years. She has extensive experience across the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. During this time she has had responsibility for Literacy, Gifted and Talented Learners, Design Technology and Art and Design. Most recently she has supported staff with the implementing of the Creative Curriculum and whole school creative projects. She currently sits on the Teacher Advisory Group for the Prince's Foundation for Children and the Arts, a charity to promote arts education entitlement.

Belinda is happy to work with staff to deliver lessons, assist with planning or lead INSET. She is passionate about developing creative opportunities for learning and helping staff find cross curricular links to give all children an opportunity to show what they are good at.

Royden Gothelf

Royden Gothelf is a chartered IT professional providing independent advice to Primary, Secondary and Academy school leaders on cost management and strategic IT planning, linking the use of technology to whole school outcomes such as improve teaching and learning.  The approach gives the school a platform for moving forward, reducing spending in areas.

Royden is based in Barnet having over 30 years experience on the use of technology to deliver innovative changes in the workplace and in teaching and learning.

Royden provides advice and training to senior leaders, governors and trustees on: comprehensive strategic plan linking IT to whole school plans, use of technologies in the classroom, management of documents meeting GDPR and Safeguarding, data analysis and management, emerging technologies for use in education and how to be ready to benefit from them - e.g. AI (Artificial Intelligence), Procurement of IT - getting the best from suppliers. 

Jenny Gridley

Jenny Gridley has worked in Barnet for over 30 years both as a teacher, deputy, headteacher and advisory headteacher. In her role as Headteacher of Oakleigh School, Jenny has taken the school from ‘improving’ to three times ‘outstanding’.  She has also been seconded to the Local Authority three times to support the work of the SEN departments within the Education and Skills service.

Jenny has an excellent understanding of the context of Barnet and a wide range of children and young people with special educational needs both in mainstream, additionally resourced provisions and special schools. Jenny can offer support in the area of SEN for new headteachers or SENCOs; progress and attainment for children with SEN; differentiation and how to support parents of children with SEN. Jenny understands how to provide an outstanding climate so that pupils with SEN can excel!

Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths has been Headteacher at Brunswick Park Primary & Nursery School for the past seven years. During this time Andy has led the school through a successful OFSTED inspection, with the outcome being good. A recent BPSI review suggests that the school could realistically be judged outstanding at its next inspection. Andy has managed the school through a successful expansion process, as the school grows towards becoming a substantive two form entry school. As a member of the former EiC group Andy has invested considerable time developing and enhancing opportunities for disadvantaged children – with Brunswick Park being awarded a Pupil Premium Award for the past two years for the outstanding progress made by these groups. Andy has a proven track record of developing staff teams in order to improve standards and has grown a strong team of teachers through successful Schools Direct partnerships with Middlesex University. Andy has experience of mentoring new headteachers, as well as undertaking a BSIP role for the past two years. Further involvement with BPSI include offering peer support during LA reviews and running sessions on building effective partnerships with parents. 

Kim Henderson

Kim Henderson has been involved in Physical Education for over 30 years as a secondary teacher and then Advisory Teacher for primary PE. She has worked as the National Sports College Development Officer for the Youth Sport Trust and led primary teacher training courses for PE at St Marys, Twickenham and Hertfordshire Universities. Kim has been the key LA Officer in setting up the four School Sport Partnerships that have had a huge impact on high quality PE and School Sport in Barnet. She has recently achieved approved provider status for PE CPD from the National Association for Physical Education and currently there are only eight other Local Authority PE consultants or agencies in the country with this status. Kim is passionate about her subject and strongly believes that PE can play a vital role in developing effective learners as well as contributing to their physical and emotional well-being. She can offer a huge range of support including exemplar high quality lessons; health and safety issues; exemplification of standards; and subject leadership. She can help your school to be a healthy, physically active school by supporting family programmes, through links with clubs and community providers and by gaining the most from local and national opportunities such as London 2012. Kim has recently carried the Olympic torch through Barnet and currently is a 2012 volunteer working as an Audience Leader at both the Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies.

Terry Hogan

Terry Hogan currently works in Holly Park School and is a highly experienced Music teacher, particularly skilled at inspiring and motivating teachers and pupils to engage in high quality Music lessons.  He has worked as a primary Music Advanced Skills Teacher for Barnet and, previously, as a Leading Music Teacher for Islington.
Terry can offer support in the following areas: in-class support (modelling lessons and team- teaching); rhythm activities and African drumming; getting reluctant singers to sing; raising standards of choral singing; musical creativity and composition; music technology; music curriculum design and developing a scheme of work; INSET for whole staff;  firing up enthusiasm for music in your school. Terry’s career began as a primary school class teacher in Islington and he has also worked as a professional musician.  He gained a Master’s degree in 2008 in Music Education and is currently working on a university research project involving raising standards of children’s singing across the country. He has worked at Islington Music Centre and Southwark Music Centre specialising in African drumming, composition and directing choirs. Terry prepared a 100-strong Barnet choir which sang at the BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ event and Terry one of his school choirs recently performed at the House of Lords.

Liz Holmes

Liz Holmes has a wealth of experience in school improvement, working for several years as a National Literacy Strategy Consultant before leading Hertfordshire’s Communication, Language and Literacy Development Programme. Following this, she became a Primary English Adviser for Hertfordshire, supporting schools in their teaching of English and helping them to improve outcomes from EYFS to KS2.

Liz has a passion for developing children’s early literacy and has spent the last four years as Deputy Head of a large infant school.

Liz can offer a range of English consultancy, from bespoke training packages to one-to-one support within the classroom, tailored to meet your school improvement priorities.


Liz can offer support in the following areas: Developing early reading and writing (EYFS-KS1); Shared and guided reading and comprehension (KS1-2); Direct teaching and application of phonics and spelling; Preparation for the Y1 Phonics Screening Check; Phonics subject knowledge training; Embedding the teaching sequence for writing within English planning; Engaging boys with writing; Shared and guided writing (EYFS-KS2); Developing a reading culture in your school; Co-planning and teaching; Using Lesson Study to enhance classroom practice; English Subject Leadership (action planning, monitoring & evaluation, data analysis, curriculum planning)

Jeff Howson

Jeff Howson has worked with Primary and Secondary schools across the UK and internationally for over 35 years as a teacher, HOD, senior teacher, examiner, trainer, project manager, adviser and education consultant. Specialising in innovation within education, Jeff passionately believes that ICT can be used in new and exciting ways, sharing ideas resources and best practice, making a difference, raising standards and maximising opportunities and achievements for all. Jeff can provide a range of consultancy guidance and support that includes:
Strategic ICT Leadership; ICT Reviews; ICT Procurement; E-Safety; Project Based Learning; E-Learning; Change Management and CPD workshops for all staff; Learning Platform development; Curriculum Development; ICT Curriculum development; Vocational and Community links; AFL; saving money using ICT; policies and procedures; G&T projects; international links; national projects (e.g Making the News / Myths and Legends etc); accessing free resources and how to create them; implementing the latest communication and collaboration tools; using tablets in the classroom; innovative classroom practice e.g. the flipped classroom and design thinking; ICT and Literacy, Numeracy and Science; developing e-books and e-libraries.

Jennifer Hourihan

Jennifer Hourihan is an experienced Deputy Headteacher having been at St Agnes for 7 years.  During that time she has experienced 3 Ofsted inspections, the last of which graded the school as outstanding in all areas under the new Inspection Framework October 2019.  Jennifer leads on curriculum, assessment and works alongside subject leaders who are both new to the role and experienced.  Jennifer is passionate in offering all children a challenging broad and balanced curriculum, with a sequenced flow of learning.  She has extensive SENCO experience and ensurers the curriculum meetings the needs of all leaders.

Özlem Imil

Özlem Imil is a qualified and DISC accredited Executive Coach, Facilitator and Trainer. She has 20 years’ experience in education, predominantly in inner London primary schools- as a senior leader, teacher and a coach. During her years as a teacher and senior leader she was known to be an expert in bringing outstanding results to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Özlem’s current passion is to raise the achievement and well-being of children and young people through raising the achievement and well-being of the adults working with them first.  She is a coach who connects with clients quickly to get to the heart of the matter and is skilled in helping them change mindset, behaviours and habits.  She has a keen eye for detail and is experienced in creating strategic roadmaps to meet individual and organisational needs. As well as one to one coaching and group coaching, Özlem offers facilitation and interpersonal skills training to schools in the areas of leadership, communication, team building, productivity and well-being. She works with leaders, staff at all levels and governors. Her training is designed carefully to meet the individual needs of each school.

Alison Jacob

Alison Jacob has 20 years experience in classroom teaching and 15 years in a range of leadership roles. She is the currently Head of Edgware Primary School. She has successfully raised standards through rapid school improvement. Alison led the school though a successful OFSTED inspection turning the school from 'a school causing concern' to 'good' in a very short space of time.
Alison has worked in a wide range of different schools including faith schools. She also acts as a consultant for other schools.

Alison has considerable experience and can offer support in the following areas: developing vision; strategy for improvement; effective appraisal; teaching and learning; challenging behaviour; EYFS; developing parent partnerships; whole school curriculum development and assessment and improving SEN provision. Alison has skills in both coaching and mentoring staff and has a proven track record of developing teams and leaders at every level to improve standards and loves to see staff develop in their roles. From her experience of working as a Deputy in a faith school for eight years, Alison can offer support in addressing a range of different needs.


Alison de Jong

Alison de Jong has taught Primary French and Spanish at Childs Hill School for over 20 years.  As a Leading Teacher and Advanced Skills Teacher Ali has served many schools in Barnet, modelling lessons, team-teaching, developing resources and delivering INSET training. Her work for the Institute of Education has impacted teachers across London and the U.K. Ali has experience of OCR Languages Accreditation and the British Council’s International School Award. Ali is available to support MFL Coordinators in all aspects of leadership and encourage non-specialist teachers by modelling strategies which make a “little language go a long way.”  She is passionate about making languages fun, accessible and relevant to all kinds of learners through games and classroom techniques.  Ali can enrich the curriculum with tailor-made resources and give guidance on recording and assessing attainment.  She is available to lead INSET training sessions, and welcomes visits from MFL teachers who would like to observe her lessons.

Caylin Joski-Jethi

Caylin Joski-Jethi specialises in working with senior leaders to facilitate data to be an accessible and valuable asset to schools: using it effectively to inform self-evaluation, drive improvements across the school, develop strategies (e.g. pupil premium or SEND) and prepare senior leaders for any Ofsted ‘trails’ which might appear in an inspection. Previous roles have given her experience of strategic school changes, such as expansions, amalgamations or conversion to academy status, and a good knowledge of GDPR.

Caylin can offer support for analysing and evaluating pupil outcomes and attendance using bespoke or commercial tracking systems; in-school consultancy during an Ofsted inspection to support the school to provide the required evidence; support to identify school improvement priorities and improve self-evaluation; strategy development, such as pupil premium, SEND and broader school systems; training for governors, leaders and staff on assessment, data analysis and evaluation; advice and guidance on data protection and GDPR; support for leaders and governing bodies during an academy conversion, amalgamation, federation, or expansion; and provide guidance on monitoring, evaluation and providing evidence of impact for interventions, including the use of pupil premium.

John King

John King has been working at Coppetts Wood School as a site manager for over 26 years. He has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the role including general maintenance, Health and Safety, organising cyclical maintenance and risk assessments. He has supported new site managers in all aspects of the role.

John can offer support in the following areas: induction for new site managers including managing all aspects of the role; daily schedule; risk assessments; mandatory tasks; general health and safety including daily visual checks; preparing for health and safety audits; arranging cyclical maintenance; managing fire safety; record keeping and other.

Sally King

Sally King has over 10 years of experience as a senior leader in primary schools in Barnet; most recently being four years as a head teacher, two of which as an executive head teacher after establishing a federation of two schools.


She has a very successful history in school improvement at all levels and has a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to offer. She has a particular interest and expertise in developing a dynamic and powerful learning environment for all members of the school community at every level. Sally enjoys mentoring and coaching members of staff and has a proven track record in distributive leadership and building capacity for change and improvement with senior and middle leadership teams.


As a teacher and leader Sally has established and developed high quality child-centred curriculum and classroom practice across key stages leading to high levels of engagement, enthusiasm and excellent progress for all. 


Sally can offer support in the following areas: supporting new head teachers; developing leadership capacity; interrogating data and evidencing impact; action planning for school improvement and evaluating impact; developing high quality teaching and learning in the classroom and developing pupil voice and empowering learners.

Lisa Lalor

Lisa Lalor has worked in primary schools for the last 10 years as a class teacher, maths leader, member of senior leadership team, accredited Numbers Count teacher, Numicon affiliate and a school based maths adviser in Barnet. She is an outstanding practitioner and has delivered professional development across a wide range of areas of mathematics to educators in a number of schools.

Lisa has held a life long passion for mathematics and has a desire to reduce 'maths anxiety' which is so detrimental to teaching and learning. She is able to support across the primary phase and specialises in EYFS and Key Stage 1. Lisa advocates the use of practical apparatus and visual representations to embed understanding by making abstract concepts 'real'.  She strongly encourages talk for learning through group problem solving. 
Lisa can offer support in teaching and learning of mathematics across the primary phase including development of subject knowledge; planning and assessment support; using manipulatives such as Numicon to support understanding; gifted and talented provision; support for low achieving learners; building home/school links; analysis of data to identify areas of strength and weakness to help under performing groups. 

Tony Lampert

Tony Lampert is a professional HR practitioner and Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development with over 30 years experience working in senior positions within the public sector. This includes 2 years operating as Head of HR for Barnet Council and over 10 years supporting Barnet schools and the Children’s Service in a Senior HR Business Partner role, coordinating major organisational change, managing employee relations’ matters and applying creative HR solutions. Tony can offer support to schools comprising any aspect of the generalist HR Business Partnering role. In addition, he specialises in Job Evaluation, preparation of job profiles, investigations into allegations of misconduct and delivering the accredited Safer Recruitment Training for Schools. Bespoke support / training can be developed and delivered on all HR related topics, including handling capability / disciplinary, managing attendance, recruitment / selection and employment law.

Michael Larkin

Michael Larkin is an independent educational consultant with experience teaching in a variety of secondary and primary schools. He has considerable experience as a headteacher in London and in Milton Keynes. Michael’s leadership was consistently judged as outstanding. Michael has an excellent track record both as a headteacher and as a school improvement consultant. Schools appreciate the level of insight, which enables them to address their improvement agenda in a rapid and sustainable manner. Michael is friendly, funny, personable and incredibly organised and makes sure excellence and providing an exemplary service is at the heart of all of his work with colleagues in schools. Michael lives in Barnet and is keen to work with schools to support the best outcomes for pupils in Barnet.  Michael is passionate about ethical leadership. Michael can offer support in the following areas, including strategic school improvement;  leadership development through coaching and mentoring; developing ethos and critically reflective practice of all staff; headteacher appraisal; school self evaluation; through strengthening leadership at all levels;  improving teaching and learning; using drama techniques in all subjects; building an outstanding computing curriculum; governance training and reviews;  curriculum review and development; safeguarding, including audits.

Soli Lazarus

Soli Lazarus was formerly the assistant SENCO at Colindale Primary School with 30 years experience. Soli supported children with special needs; including those with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, developmental delay, autism and ADHD. Soli is an expert in inclusion, differentiation and planning.

Soli is passionate about ADHD as her son was diagnosed some years ago so has experienced first-hand living with the condition.

In 2015 Soli set up Yellow Sun to support families with ADHD and Autism. She runs support groups and offers advice and coaching. She is presently training teachers and staff on how to effectively support pupils with the neurological condition of ADHD that perhaps affects 2 in every class.

Soli could offer support and training to schools on helping pupils with ADHD.  Practical strategies to use in the classroom that don’t cost a fortune but can make a massive difference to a child’s feelings of self-worth and helping them reach their full learning potential.

Debby Lipkin

Debby Lipkin is a highly experienced educational consultant with over 20 years’ experience in working with local authorities, MATs and schools. Her long association with the London Borough of Brent started with a lead post of Inclusion Adviser and she has for many years been an associate consultant, having worked independently since 2000. She now leads the school reviews in Brent. She has wide cross phase experience and has had recent interim headship experience in three diverse schools, a special EBD secondary in Southwark, a diverse multi ethnic and challenging secondary school in Enfield and most recently a large faith secondary school in Brent( JFS). Debby led all the schools to improved Ofsted status. Debby can offer wide ranging consultancy support including: self-evaluation and development planning; school and curriculum reviews; implementing school wide systems and processes in order to rapidly improve provision; senior and middle leadership development; support for new headteachers; auditing SEND, safeguarding, pupil premium and governance; effective monitoring of teaching and learning; improving behaviour and emotional health and wellbeing for all. Debby can also provide a wide range of useful and practical resources.

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall, has been involved in Science education, specifically Primary for 30 years. He is able to offer advice and support to assist in the development of science programmes in school. This includes both strategic planning, classroom implementation and pupil interaction. He is keen to work on developing contexts for science lessons, pupil recording of science, pupil assessment of their science, and science enquiry. Steve has a number of big projects under his belt available for schools including Forensics, café science, microscope festival and family challenges.
Steve has both a National and International presence and currently co directs the roll out of the Primary Science Quality Mark.

Eleanor Martlew

Eleanor Martlew has over 20 years’ experience in teaching in secondary and primary schools, with a particular focus on English, Literacy across the Curriculum and working with EAL pupils. Eleanor worked as Secondary English Consultant for Kensington and Chelsea before moving into primary education. She has worked alongside teachers and senior leaders in schools to improve teaching and learning and outcomes for pupils, providing specialist English training, targeted support and coaching. She has run successful school-based projects such as the “Excellence in Reading” project which resulted in higher attainment for pupils in Year 6 across a number of schools in Kensington and Chelsea. Eleanor has supported schools to lead on whole school initiatives, such as Literacy across the Curriculum and Assessment for Learning. She has delivered highly-evaluated training courses for a number of local authorities and bespoke in-service training for schools. Prior to working for Kensington and Chelsea, Eleanor worked in two large secondary schools in Haringey as Ethnic Minority Achievement Coordinator and EAL teacher. Eleanor is able to offer literacy support for reading and writing, in particular with a view to challenging more able pupils. She also has a keen interest in improving teacher subject knowledge and confidence to teach grammar in interactive and engaging ways, both at KS1 and 2.

Declan McCarthy

Declan McCarthy has extensive experience in the field of special educational needs and disabilities. He has considerable leadership experience as; a head teacher in a special school, head of two large local authority support services and as a local authority adviser for SEND. 
Declan has published and developed resources for schools including the dexFRAME reading aid and the ‘SEN Resource Manual for schools’. Declan also currently works as a Hertfordshire Improvement Partner for six special schools and is the director for education of an independent special school in Horsham for pupils with Autism and associated SLCN.
Declan leads school inspections in academies, maintained and independent primary schools, special schools (day and residential) and PRUs. He has also taken part in national surveys on; Learning Difficulties and Disabilities; Pupil Referral Units and Learning Support Centres.
Declan’s training in school inspections and in safeguarding are fully up to date.

Declan can offer support in the following areas: Strengthening self-evaluation and school improvement planning - Whole school reviews and preparation for inspection - Training guidance and support including developing monitoring skills of middle leaders, and governors - SEND and safeguarding audits - Checking compliance of website and school policies

Jan McGuire

Jan McGuire is a Religious Education and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Consultant. As an experienced Adviser for the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) Jan works as a governance officer and Adviser in RE for Local Authorities.
Jan is involved in developing regional and national curriculum materials for use within the broad area of SMSC, cultural and religious diversity. Jan project manages the national Religious Education leadership mentoring (REvitalise)programme for the Association of RE Inspectors, Advisers and Consultants (AREIAC). Jan is named lead author and editor of the ‘Teaching Controversial Issues Toolkit’, adopted by the UN in 2018. An accredited lead internal verifier and assessor, Jan is an Assessor for the Religious Education Quality Mark (REQM).
An experienced classroom teacher and leader in RE for over 25 years, teaching from Primary through to Higher Education level, Jan provides training and support in all aspects of RE and SMSC, including:
SMSC/ RE / EHWB auditing and action planning, SMSC/ RE: Ofsted: Governor and Headteacher statutory responsibility,
teaching sensitive and controversial issues, Coaching and mentoring RE Teachers/Heads of RE/ aspiring RE national leaders using motivational dialogue coaching 360 techniques, Developing the RE curriculum, planning and assessment, Religious Education Quality Mark (REQM), SACRE support: Agreed Syllabus writing

Susan Mehmet

Susan Mehmet has been in education for 32 years, teaching Early Years to Year 6. During these years she has gained experience as Subject leader for Literacy, Science, Art and Foundation Subjects, Key Stage 1 leader and Deputy Headteacher.  She has also gained significant experience of working with outside agencies, local authority managers and consultants as well as senior leaders, classroom teachers and support staff within schools and Early Years settings. She has been involved in designing an E Safety scheme of work for all London schools and has trained as a CEOP Ambassador, providing Internet Safety talks to staff and parents within Primary schools. Susan has been involved with other Local Authorities in creating resources for ICT Assessment for the London Grid for Learning. 
Her role as a Primary ICT Curriculum Adviser has supported schools in developing ICT plans and vision, providing In service training for all school staff centrally and within schools. Specialist areas include Interactive whiteboard, Barnet ICT Framework, and ICT support for SEN and embedding ICT into a creative curriculum.

Jacob Mitchell

Jacob Mitchell is an award-winning teacher (Pearson's National Teaching Awards 'Primary School Teacher of the Year' Winner — London and The South East of England, 2014) and national trainer/consultant.  Creator of 'The Secret Code' SPaG teaching and assessment scheme, 'The Word Wheel' and 'The Legends of Literacy' cartoon series, Jacob's resources are currently being used in over 100 schools, both primary and secondary, across the UK, supporting and inspiring over 10,000 children every day.  His unique, motivational and engaging approach to SPaG and Literacy includes a variety fun and inclusive games/activities to stimulate, challenge and inspire learners from all ages ranges and ability levels.  Jacob believes 'that if a child does not learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn' offering a child-friendly and memorable style of teaching and learning, always. He can offer support in a variety of areas:  'Word Wheel' training, SPAG test support, using coding and other creative strategies to teach grammar and punctuation, confidence coaching, The Creative Curriculum, 'Exciting/Inspiring Writing' workshops, behaviour management and memory/anchoring techniques (NLP).  Jacob describes his purpose and passion as the empowerment of others (the future); a goal that he believes is possible through a positive, innovative and inspiring learning approach/environment. 

Laura Monro

Laura Monro is the Deputy Headteacher at Woodridge Primary School. In October 2019, she led on ‘deep dives’ across the curriculum, including early reading, during an Ofsted inspection under the new framework.

Laura has recently re-designed an ambitious curriculum for the foundation subjects, ensuring that there is clear progression of objectives and skills throughout, whilst making meaningful links to ensure the learning is ‘sticky’ for pupils.

As a Literacy leader for seven years, Laura is passionate about promoting a love of reading and transferring this enthusiasm to writing in a meaningful and interesting way. She has supported staff to implement whole class guided reading, develop genre-based teaching sequences in writing and moderate work from Years 1 to 6.

Laura is able to offer support in creating a well-planned curriculum; supporting curriculum and subject leaders with the expectations of an Ofsted under the new framework; becoming a reading school where a love of reading is promoted; effective marking and feedback; teaching a purposeful and engaging writing sequence in KS2; and English subject leadership.

Joann Moore

Joann Moore has been working in the field of Special Educational Needs and Disability for over 20 years.  She was the Assistant Head Teacher and Inclusion manager at Moss Hall Infant School for 12 years.  During this time OFSTEDs and BPSI reviews considered Inclusion to be outstanding.   Joann has worked in a variety of roles in Barnet, Haringey and Newham and has undertaken considerable work around the implementation of the SEN Code of Practice both in school and with Barnet.  Currently she works as a Pre School Inclusion Teacher at Oakleigh School and the Early Years Centre.  She also works for the specialist team within Barnet and as an Educational Consultant in social care for Camden Local Authority.  She is particularly passionate about Inclusion being at the heart of everything schools do. Joann is able to offer support to SENCos; provide training and advice around all aspects of Inclusion; and provide SEN support for staff, children and families.

Jane Morris

Jane Morris has more than fourteen years of experience working in education for the London Borough of Barnet.  She is the lead for School Exclusion and whole school training for Safeguarding and Child Protection.  Jane works in partnership with Head Teachers and Senior Leadership Teams in a supportive capacity and is a Governor of a Barnet primary school.  Jane is the Education Representative in MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) working with Social Care professionals advising on educational issues.  Jane is also an Executive/Performance Coach currently working towards the Level 7 ILM in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.  Jane provides Level One Child Protection Training to all schools and school governors in both the primary and secondary phase including the independent sector and specialist providers in education.  Jane also offers a safeguarding audit of individual school processes and procedures.

Helen Morrison

Helen Morrison is currently a Learning Network Inspector for Barnet Local Authority and a School Inspector. Helen was previously headteacher of a large Primary in Barnet.  During her time at the school, Helen has led the school successfully through two Ofsted Inspections, the last inspection team judging the school as Outstanding. Helen has a particular interest in effective leadership structures and enjoys supporting schools to identify and plan for school improvement. Helen has direct experience of leading major change and  has led on the amalgamation of two schools as well as experience of leading major building projects, including school expansion. Helen's Ofsted work enables her to have an up to date understanding of what Oustanding school effectiveness looks like. She enjoys supporting schools in their drive to achieve and maintain this across all aspects of school life.