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Based on 46 responses from the survery sent to 99 schools

Feedback from October 2017 Satisfaction survey

Organised, efficient, friendly, responsive, reflective, high quality training, always looking to improve. Makes a huge impact on the quality of teaching and learning in our school. Love the fact that there is scheduled training sessions as well as the opportunity for bespoke work.


Lisa Walker, Courtland School

Thank you for all your hard work. We would be lost without BPSI in Barnet!

Anon. Comment from BPSI Satisfaction Survey 2017

BPSI is a superb service: flexible, good value and responsive. Thank you.

Elena Print, Christ Church School

Thank you for your support, it has impacted greatly on our school development and progress.

Jillian Dunstan, Mathilda Marks-Kennedy School

Thank you for all the work that you do, for being so efficient and for providing such excellent BPSI advisors.

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Leading the EYFS in Schools

Very inspiring session, great networking, sharing ideas, clear understanding of how to become a successful leader.

Biljana Elia, Garden Suburb Infant School

SIP Workshop

Helped me make informed decisions on my schools data and had a direct impact on the way I look at my SEF.

James Troy, St Theresa's School

Developing Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Tania gave me many ideas that I can personally put into practice in my school and ways to improve my practise.

Jay Dor, Independent Jewish Day School

Safeguarding and CP: The Legal Framework

The session helped me to analyse and reflect on my school's procedures for the continuing safey of the children.

Lisa Woolfe, Goodwyn School

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Head of an Independent School

“Everything you said allowed me to develop the school over the summer. This was crucial to the outcomes.“


Feedback following a BPSI School Review.

Nisha Peshawaria, Lanchester Community Free School

Lisa supported my knowledge of learning walks, gave me positive ideas and next steps to take back to my team and many resources to use for next time. Very valuable.

Following consultancy from Lisa Lalor

Helen Browett, Foulds School

High quality bespoke consultancy: well paced, well received. What more can you ask for?

Following consultancy from Richard Griggs

Ziz Chater, Dollis Infant School

Excellent - as always, very high quality delivery by Kim and very realistic ideas for teachers to include.

Following consultancy from Kim Henderson

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BPSI Satisfaction Survey 2017

Every year we ask our schools to complete our satisfaction survey to ensure they are happy with the services we offer and our responsiveness to their requests.


As usual, we received some fantastic feedback!

How satisfied are you with the BPSI training programme?