Art and Design and Technology 

Diana Choulerton

Diana Choulerton has 25 years’ experience working in education as a teacher, leader and inspector. Diana has worked as one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) from 2014 to 2017.  During this time Diana has developed a wide range of experience and high level of skill related to inspection and education improvement.  This included leading inspections and monitoring visits of primary and secondary schools as well as SEND area inspections.  Whilst working as an HMI she also took on the role of Ofsted National Lead for Design and Technology.  Prior to joining Ofsted she worked as a senior advisor for a local authority leading on 14 to 19 strategy.  Diana also has 13 years’ previous experience working in secondary schools holding middle and senior leadership responsibilities in that time.

Diana offers insight, support and advice for leaders in primary and secondary schools and local authorities on all aspects of education improvement.  Specific areas of expertise include; change management, monitoring and evaluation, development planning, curriculum and assessment, teaching pedagogy, SEND reform implementation and 14-19 strategy.  Diana also remains passionate about D&T education and welcome opportunities to utilise my expertise in the subject.

Belinda Goodman

Belinda Goodman currently works in The Hyde School and has been teaching in Barnet schools for almost 20 years. She has extensive experience across the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. During this time she has had responsibility for Literacy, Gifted and Talented Learners, Design Technology and Art and Design. Most recently she has supported staff with the implementing of the Creative Curriculum and whole school creative projects. She currently sits on the Teacher Advisory Group for the Prince's Foundation for Children and the Arts, a charity to promote arts education entitlement.

Belinda is happy to work with staff to deliver lessons, assist with planning or lead INSET. She is passionate about developing creative opportunities for learning and helping staff find cross curricular links to give all children an opportunity to show what they are good at.

Sarah Jowsey

Sarah Jowsey is currently teaching at Garden Suburb Infant School and is a member of the senior leadership team.  For over nine years, she has led Art and Design with great enthusiasm, drawing upon her previous experience as an illustrator.  She has delivered INSETs on specific art processes and techniques across Key Stage One and Two.  She has also planned art projects for different year groups that link creatively to other areas of the curriculum. She has led numerous whole school projects using paintings as a starting point, and given presentations to primary school teachers at The National Gallery.  She led and coordinated a creative team which worked with commitment and dedication to further develop arts provision in her school. 
She can offer support delivering training on art skills and processes; planning in a cross curricular way using the work of artists as a starting point; developing art projects that link with other areas of the curriculum; planning for progression and assessing art and design.

Alexander Rosenberg

Alexander Rosenberg is an artist, writer and educator with a background in cognitive neuroscience. Working across a range of disciplines allows for an approach that is creative and playful, as well as rooted in cutting-edge research. Since 2013, he has applied this diverse thinking to designing educational tools, providing student workshops and teacher training across the UK.


As a practicing artist, much of his work with teachers involves building their confidence in being creative themselves. Whether that be in inspiring visual and fluent creative writing, or harnessing the power of ‘making stuff’ to enhance learning in any given context. Alexander’s cognitive research experience at both UCL and Harvard’s neuroimaging laboratory focused on the use of humour in how the human brain absorbs information. This is reflected in his warm, personable style. He has written and illustrated a number of dynamic resources that are used by thousands of teachers, students and parents nationally and endorsed by leading educational consultants.


Alexander can offer support in the following areas at both primary and secondary level: raising the standard for creative writing; making reading comprehension relatable; ambitious and academic art education; supporting students in cultivating revision methods and organisational skills through to A-level.

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