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BPSI ICT review

There is an ever increasing burden on schools to take on more and more reforms, such as changes to the National Curriculum, Ofsted, Assessment, Community Engagement etc. The smart and appropriate use of ICT can help you meet these challenges, not just for Teaching and Learning, but for Leadership, Management and Administration too.

Now is the time to review your school's ICT Capabilities in all aspects of ICT (Technical/Operational/Educational/ICT Costs) and see how and where improvements can be made, as well as where to save costs. BPSI offer a comprehensive ICT Review where you can choose all or some of the elements that make up the programme and one of the outputs is a detailed ICT Report which includes review findings and a 3 year ICT Development Plan.

Please click here for more information and instructions on how to book a review

BPSI Advisers who can support a BPSI ICT School Review
Jeff Howson - 03_edited.jpg

Jeff Howson has worked with Primary and Secondary schools across the UK and internationally for over 35 years as a teacher, HOD, senior teacher, examiner, trainer, project manager, adviser and education consultant. He also runs his own consultancy company and works in the private sector in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Education, winning many international awards for various projects.

Jeff has many specialisms including the Computing Curriculum, Digital Literacy, Artificial Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence,  IT Governance, IT Support, IT Infrastructure, IT Procurement, Edtech innovation and implementation. He provides consultancy guidance and support on the above for school leaders and classroom staff.

Jeff Howson
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