What is BPSI?

BPSI is founded on the premise that schools possess a great deal of expertise that if properly shared, facilitated and acted upon will benefit the wider school community and improve the outcomes of pupils. BPSI aims to support this process by delivering a high quality training programme and consultancy support and facilitating the sharing of good practice between schools.


BPSI provides:


  • Training that improves school outcomes

  • Consultancy in your school that impacts upon practice

  • Support for the exchange of best practice between schools

BPSI Membership


The partnership includes all types of schools from primary, secondary, academy, free, independent and maintained.   Membership of BPSI entitles you to free or discounted access to the services below. More information is available in the following document


         What is BPSI?

BPSI Training Programme

Schools that purchase membership of BPSI receive open access to our training programme of courses mainly run at the BEST Hub in Colindale.  A few courses do require extra payment but BPSI members always receive a discount.  

Professional Development Exchange

Only Member schools are can access our Professional Development Exchange

BPSI consultancy

Member schools are also allocated a number of ‘BPSI Hours’.  Schools can then use these hours to source in-school advisory support making use of any of our 80+ consultants. 


Membership of BPSI provides discounted rates to TheSchoolBus.  This is a useful tool which provides users with resources and compliance guidance for all school management areas, from HR to Governance

Membership year runs from April to March but schools new to BPSI can join mid-year.


If you have any enquiries regarding membership or would like a quote for your school, please contact Carrie Waldren (Training & Traded Services Co-ordinator) ​e-mail:  carrie.waldren@barnet.gov.uk

BPSI Associate Member Offer


BPSI now offers Associate Member status to secondary schools in Barnet and to any school outside of the borough.  The offer provides an opportunity to access BPSI Consultants at a reduced rate. 


See BPSI Associate Offer page

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