BPSI collections

BPSI schools have access to an extensive list of advisers who can support schools in a variety of ways.  Indeed the list of consultant profiles explaining their skills can sometimes appear daunting.  We have tried to mitigate this by also listing the consultants under their expertise or subject heading


To assist the dialogue between consultants and head teachers further, we have asked our consultants to explain what type of focused work they provide within a school.  These are listed on this page and we have decided to call them “BPSI Collections”. 


Each of the Collections is an example of work that BPSI could provide in your school.  Our expectation is that once the discussion between consultant and school begins, then many of these Collections will be adjusted to meet the needs of the school.


So feel free to contact the consultants who have authored the Collections below.  Use the Collection as a starting point in your discussions and feel free to ‘tweak’ them with the consultant to make sure that your school’s specific needs are met.

Here are the current offers:

Don't forget all of these BPSI reviews are available to book:

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Quality Phonics Provision in the Early Years and Key Stage One

This BPSI Collection will support schools with evaluating their current phonics provision and practice, allowing them to identify specific aspects in need of development or further training.


Successfully preparing for Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (RSHE)

Schools will soon be required to have relationships education/RSE and health education in place and a relationships and sex education policy in September 2020.