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Jeremy Bird is an inspirational and visionary school improvement consultant. He has a passion for education with an excellent track record of supporting school leaders. He is a dynamic, pro-active leader and coach, empowering staff at all levels to take ownership using coaching, training and mentoring. A natural communicator, Jeremy has proven ability in building cohesive teams to achieve challenging targets.


Jeremy served as a headteacher in two primary schools prior to becoming a consultant.


Jeremy can offer support in the following areas: Coaching school leaders and governors in primary and special schools; Inducting newly appointed leaders and teachers; Facilitating professional discussion and development in a range of middle, senior and headteacher leadership activities; Supporting leaders in developing the rationale, implementation and evaluation of their curriculum; Challenging leaders in their self-evaluation of school effectiveness.

Jeremy Bird
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​Jen is a headteacher with an active interest in leadership and school culture. Jen has a strong track record in school improvement, creating resilient and effective leadership teams and positive staff wellbeing. Jen has Masters’ level experience in coaching and has successfully supported school leaders in a range of strategies to enhance their professional performance and create a positive working culture in their schools. She also has experience mentoring new headteachers. As well as one-to-one and group coaching, Jen can run whole staff and governor training on wellbeing and work with headteachers using research-based strategies to improve staff wellbeing and retention.

Jen Brodkin

I am an experienced school leader, now working as a Learning Network Inspector (school improvement officer) in the school improvement team of Barnet Education and Learning Service. In my current role I work with the school leaders in my network (30 primary schools) to review their current practice and support school improvement.  I am particularly interested in developing senior, middle and subject leaders.  To this end, I am a qualified performance coach (L5 ILM).


  I have experience of working with school staff, in a coaching role to:


  • Support leaders in making decisions about their next career steps

  • Supporting teachers in overcoming problems and improving practice

  • Support senior leadership teams in establishing or reviewing their vision and values

  • Support leaders new to role to review and refine their own priorities and help them to enact these

  • Supporting leaders in school to use coaching as an effective CPD tool

  • Supporting leaders in using coaching as part of the monitoring cycle

  • Supporting staff in having difficult conversations

Katie Dawbarn
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Karen is a qualified Transformational Life Coach with a background in therapeutic counselling which she studied for 3 years.  Karen’s approach to coaching is very holistic, optimistic and future focussed and is based around ensuring people strive for a work life balance that improves their overall wellbeing and performance at work.  She encourages people to build resilience, resourcefulness and to take personal responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, actions and results.


Working and teaching in a high pressure school environment can leave staff feeling stressed and exhausted at times.  Investing in a coach shows your staff that you genuinely care about their wellbeing.   Coaching is an intervention that can have a very positive impact on wellbeing both on a personal and professional level.


When school staff are given the opportunity to have some much needed space and time to think, they are more likely to feel:

  • Engaged

  • Motivated

  • Present (for students, colleagues and parents)

  • Confident (with increased self-esteem & self-awareness)

  • Happier


Having coaching conversations also supports staff with:


  • Clarity – allows staff to be clear on what is important, where they are currently, where they want to be, why it matters and how they are going to achieve their goals.

  • Reflection – affords staff the opportunity to know what they want, why they are doing what they do and how they want to show up to deliver high quality learning in a way that feels manageable.


It further supports the school with:

  • Recruitment

  • Retention

  • Reducing stress & sickness


The impact of investing in transformational coaching for staff can create a working environment where staff feel valued, motivated, confident, engaged, fully present and genuinely interested in others.  School staff will also know that their wellbeing and work life balance matters and this ultimately ensures that the school is a positive, healthy and productive place to work and teach in. 

Karen Grittiths
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Özlem is a DISC accredited, qualified and experienced Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator and a member of EMCC UK. She has 21 years of experience in London schools, as a senior leader, teacher, coach and trainer. Özlem combines a holistic coaching approach to support staff wellbeing, with a solution-focused approach to support staff performance and team harmony. As well as working with schools, she worked with a highly regarded educational charity for many years, currently works with University of Greenwich as a tutor for trainee teachers and continues working with the corporate sector. Özlem offers one to one coaching to all levels of staff alongside group coaching and facilitation.She also provides training on aspects of wellbeing, effective communication, productivity, team building and parental engagement.


Özlem is highly experienced in bringing results to staff at all levels in the following areas:

  • Increasing confidence and presence in and out of classroom

  • Developing a holistic approach for increased and sustainable parental engagement

  • Developing empathy to improve wellbeing and communication

  • Improving difficult relationships through an understanding of preferred behaviour and communication styles

  • Improving productivity and time management

  • Cultivating a holistic and result- oriented approach to managing performance

  • Improving staff engagement with all stakeholders such as governors

  • Planning an impactful first 90 days as a new leader

  • Planning and managing career progression, including early career and retirement

Özlem Imil
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Jane Morris has more than fourteen years of experience working in education for the London Borough of Barnet.  She is the lead for School Exclusion and whole school training for Safeguarding and Child Protection.  Jane works in partnership with Head Teachers and Senior Leadership Teams in a supportive capacity and is a Governor of a Barnet primary school.  Jane is the Education Representative in MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) working with Social Care professionals advising on educational issues.  Jane is also an Executive/Performance Coach currently working towards the Level 7 ILM in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.  Jane provides Level One Child Protection Training to all schools and school governors in both the primary and secondary phase including the independent sector and specialist providers in education.  Jane also offers a safeguarding audit of individual school processes and procedures.

Jane is a qualified Resilient Leaders Elements consultant

Jane Morris
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Helen Morrison is currently a Learning Network Inspector for Barnet Local Authority and a School Inspector. Helen was previously headteacher of a large Primary in Barnet.  During her time at the school, Helen has led the school successfully through two Ofsted Inspections, the last inspection team judging the school as Outstanding. Helen has a particular interest in effective leadership structures and enjoys supporting schools to identify and plan for school improvement. Helen has direct experience of leading major change and  has led on the amalgamation of two schools as well as experience of leading major building projects, including school expansion. Helen's Ofsted work enables her to have an up to date understanding of what Oustanding school effectiveness looks like. She enjoys supporting schools in their drive to achieve and maintain this across all aspects of school life.

Helen is a qualified Resilient Leaders Elements consultant

Helen Morrison
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Current Role: Personal Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner


Since starting out as a parent volunteer, over 10 years ago, I’ve made significant impact on school improvement as an UKS2 Phase Leader and as lead practitioner on writing attainment, curriculum development and PSHE - before transitioning into part-time supply teaching, whilst I gained my coaching qualifications, with The Coaching Academy, and built my own business as a coach and freelance content writer.


I’ve always taken a holistic approach to leadership and have an active interest in developing the classroom and wider school environment to promote the well-being of all children and all members of staff.


As a personal performance coach and NLP practitioner, I’m particularly interested in supporting Early Career

Teachers, middle leaders and teachers who are contemplating or moving into leadership roles, to progress personally and professionally.


I provide group and one-to-one coaching services, in both the primary and secondary phase, in the following areas:

  • change management and leadership transition

  • state management strategies and techniques

  • creating resourceful habits for effective time, priority and workload management

  • developing more effective, positive communication skills

  • confidence-building and self-empowerment

  • developing greater flexibility of response to challenges in the classroom and wider school environment

  • raising awareness of limiting barriers and developing the tools to overcome them

  • achieving a healthier balance between work and home

Dinah Okolie
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Stephanie is an organisational consultant, supervisor, coach and group facilitator. She can offer support to primary and secondary schools with leadership development, coaching, developing a coaching culture, safeguarding supervision, supervision, school staff engagement, action learning sets, reflective staff support groups, managing difficult conversations and conflict.


Stephanie has worked extensively in Education, Social Care, the NHS, Children, Young People and Families, Learning Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Safeguarding and Mental Health. She is a visiting lecturer and tutor at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. ​Her MA dissertation focused on role consultation with a Headteacher and Deputy of a school experiencing difficulties, evaluating roles, interpersonal skills and staff group dynamics.


Stephanie is a qualified counsellor, has an MA in Consultation and the Organisation, a Psychoanalytic Approach and studied the Systemic Approach to Organisations, Children and Families (Tavistock Clinic/UEL). She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations (ISPSO), ASIIP, Association for Coaching, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), BACP Registrant, BACP Coaching, EMCC UK and EMCC EIA Professional Designation at Senior Practitioner level.

Stephanie Segal
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David Shakespeare is an education consultant who works with learners and teachers in individual schools and colleges, as well as with broader educational organisations - including many local authorities, various DfE programmes, the National Strategies, Science Learning Centres, the ‘learned’ societies, the Standards and Testing Agency, private companies and others.  He helps develop others in class, in training, and in providing CPD within and across schools; and is an evaluator of educational initiatives both in schools and in wider contexts.  David can offer support in the following areas: Development, training and facilitation of networks and mutual support between teachers and schools – such as through Peer Enquiry and network meetings; Development of classroom practice and teachers supporting others – through coaching, mentoring, paired observations and so on; Support for provision of science in primary and secondary school and college settings – in class, in schools, through training.

David Shakespeare
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Karen Smith is an ILM Level 5 Qualified Coach and Mentor

Karen is passionate about developing leaders at all levels to achieve the very best for every child.  She has extensive and proven leadership experience in a variety of schools and authorities.  Karen is currently Interim Head of School at St Mary’s CE Primary School, Finchley, and previously the Head at Queenswell Infant & Nursey School for ten years.  Karen has been a peer headteacher on BPSI Reviews, a School Improvement Partner and also a consultant for the Local Authority.  She is a qualified coach, having recently completed the Level 5 ILM Effective Coaching and Mentoring qualification, where she enjoyed supporting senior leaders to achieve their personalised goals.  As the Senior Mental Health Lead, Karen is committed to embedding a whole-school mental health and well-being approach for all children and staff.  Karen is a very good listener, but will challenge you giving you space to think through solutions and feel confident to take on the challenges ahead.  She loves developing and empowering others, and believes leaders will find her coaching style really supportive too. 

Karen can offer coaching or mentoring support in:

  • leadership and management for middle and senior leaders (new or experienced) for individuals or groups

  • developing confidence and self-esteem

  • raising self-awareness and awareness of others to be able to see alternative perspectives and find practical and workable solutions

  • effectively managing time and workload to improve work/life balance.

Karen Smith
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Paul is an inspirational and energetic school improvement consultant. He has a passion for education with an excellent track record of supporting school leaders. Paul is committed to supporting schools in the UK and internationally, to build resilience and have clarity of direction. He is an experienced and highly successful primary headteacher and has worked in schools within a range of contexts. Paul has extensive experience of managing changes in school structures including successful federation and conversion to academy. He has been an Executive Headteacher and a CEO of a Multi Academy Trust.  He is a facilitator and assessor for the NPQ programmes.

Paul is a dynamic coach, consultant and mentor and a qualified Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) consultant and coach. He strives to model integrity. His work as a learning network inspector and Ofsted inspector enables him to support and challenge schools. Paul enjoys providing high quality professional development to schools through coaching, mentoring and training. 

Paul supports new Headteachers and provides performance management for senior leaders. He has achieved a distinction in the Professional Qualification for School Inspection and has achieved NPQH. 

Paul is committed to nurturing talent. He is an excellent communicator and is passionate about working with Headteachers, Governors, leadership teams and teaching staff to achieve the very best for children.

Paul is a qualified Resilient Leaders Elements consultant

Paul Whitcombe
BPSI have a number of experienced coaches who can provide support

BPSI Coaching

Coaching is a means by which staff can be supported in any aspect of their professional or personal life.  Coaching offers a confidential, structured space to reflect on leadership, professional behaviours, career aspirations and people management.


It has the potential to be so powerful in supporting all school staff to re-set and re-motivate as a response to the most incredibly challenging two years, when many are suffering from ‘pandemic fatigue’. 


Here’s how it could help you in your school setting:


  • It can provide the opportunity for a series of focused professional conversations, designed to help staff in developing specific professional skills to enhance their individual practice

  • It can be used to support individual staff in overcoming barriers and setting their own goals for success

  • It can also be used to support a newly formed senior leadership team to establish their vision and values, or to help a more experienced group to re-set and re-evaluate.

  • It can support those teachers new to the profession in finding their voice

  • It can help all school leaders, at every level, in having those difficult conversations which are essential to school improvement

  • It can help leaders at all levels to support and challenge their colleagues effectively

  • It can support staff well-being (personal as well as professional)


​Essentially, coaching can help realise goals, address challenges and can literally help us get better at life. 

Here is who can support you with this.  Every coach on the BPSI website has something different to offer – here are their individual profiles:

Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE)

Resilient Leaders Elements is an international leadership community and we are pleased to be able to offer this as part of our BPSI coaching package, led by qualified RLE consultants.

Thousands of leaders have grown greater resilience in both the private and public sector, including Disney, Lego, Unilever, BT, Multi Academy Trusts and Universities.

RLE creates leaders who are
•    Have the confidence to be authentic
•    Welcome support and challenge from others
•    Anticipate opportunities and threats

It enables leaders to discover who you are and what you do, revealing your strengths and areas for development.
If you would like to find out more please contact Paul Whitcombe; 07534 438664, paul.whitcombe@barnet.gov.uk



‘Coaching has been a revelation in our school. The coach held coaching sessions with SLT members, who have in turn embedded coaching strategies into the wider school, most notably the performance management cycle. This has helped us move away from 'high stakes' observations where staff were known to 'raise their game' for the lesson. Instead, staff now feel confident to welcome leaders into their classroom and show their usual practise, safe in the knowledge that feedback will be collaborative, producing purposeful next steps around a particular focus. It has made performance management feel much more positive and collaborative. Without her help, we would not have been able to start introducing coaching-style feedback meetings with teachers so effectively.’

- A Barnet School -

RLE Package consists of

8 1-hour sessions per person and includes access to RLE portal to facilitate assessment, 360' feedback, strenght and challenge engines.

10 BPSI hours

Facilitators include: Paul Whitcombe, Helen Morrison and Jane Morris (see their profiles below)

Participants can add additional catch-up coaching for 1 BPSI per hour


Please contact the coach who best meets your needs.  They can then tailor their services to best meet the needs in your school.

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