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2. BPSI Governance Review Follow up


A Governance Review Follow Up will either be planned for at the conclusion of a BPSI Governance Review or can be requested at any time following an External Review of Governance by BPSI or any other individual or provider.

The process is designed to focus on delivery against the original Governance Review Action Plan and to identify next steps for the Governing Body. It can provide assurance for Governing Bodies where the school is in ‘Requires Improvement’ that progress has been made against actions contained within the original action plan and can also provide a renewed focus for continued improvement.


The Reviewer will examine how embedded change is within the Governing Body and whether actions taken are sustained. At the conclusion of the process the Reviewer will provide an updated RAG rated report with further recommendations if required.


The BPSI Governance Review Follow Up is conducted by one reviewer (see the below for the available reviewers) and concludes with a written Action Plan for the school.


The school will be charged 3 BPSI Hours


BPSI Governance Review Follow Up - V05 - July 2015

3. BPSI Governance Healthcheck


The BPSI Governance Healthcheck is a supportive process that helps the Governing Body to better understand their strengths and areas for development, through a facilitated self-review. During the Healthcheck the Reviewer leads the Governing Body in answering 28 key questions (drawn from NGA '20 Questions a Governing Body should ask itself' with some additions where OFSTED tend to focus)  The questions cover all aspects of good governance.


It is part of the Reviewer’s job to ensure there is full participation from all Governors; that everyone is able to share their views fully, and openly, and that a consensus is built so that ultimately there is an agreed action plan at the end of the process.  For this reason it is important that as many members of the Governing Body as possible can attend the Healthcheck meeting.


The BPSI Governance Healthcheck is conducted by one reviewer (see below for the available reviewers) and concludes with a written Action Plan for the school.


The school will be charged 5 BPSI Hours

BPSI Governance Healthcheck - V05 - July 2015

BPSI Governance reviews

The purpose of the BPSI Governance Reviews is to support your school in its improvement journey by helping you and your governing body to identify priorities for development and provide guidance on next steps.


Each type of review is brokered in a spirit of collaboration and aims to assist your governing body to become more effective by demonstrating a balance between support and challenge of the leadership of the school. The expectation is that there will be areas of strength to be recognised and points for development to be identified.



How to arrange a BPSI Governance Review


Decide which review you want


Have a read of the explanations and documents above and decide which 'product' is right for your school.


Full BPSI Governance Review

a) Read the pen pictures of the BPSI advisers who are OfSTED Inspectors or National Leaders of Governance (NLG) (see the list below).  Decide who you would like to lead your Full Governance review and make contact with them and agree the date of your Governance review.  Advisers' contact details are available on the BPSI Members Area or from the BPSI Business Support Team (details below).


b) BPSI will arrange which 'colleague governors' (see the list below) will support the BPSI Adviser during your Full Governance review.  If you have any strong views (for example you could be close friends with a person on the list and feel their inclusion on the team would be inappropriate) then urgently contact the BPSI Business Support Team (details below).

All conversations will be held in confidence.


c) Once you have agreed the date with the BPSI Adviser who will lead the Full Governance review, the BPSI Business Support team will then liaise with all interested parties to ensure your review takes place.


BPSI Governance Review Follow up or Healthcheck

Read the pen pictures of the BPSI advisers who have OfSTED experience or are a National Leaders of Governance (NLG) (see the list below).  Decide who you would like to lead your Governance Review Follow Up or Healthcheck and make contact with them and agree the date of your review.  Advisers' contact details are available on the BPSI Members Area or from the BPSI Business Support Team (details below).


lead gov reviewers
gov colls
BPSI Colleague Governors who can support a BPSI Governance Review
(all have engaged in training)

There are three options available to schools:

1. BPSI Governance Review


A suitably trained Lead Reviewer, and Governor Reviewer will undertake this full review of governance with the Chair of Governors and the Head teacher (other governors of the school may also be involved).  The Lead Reviewer will be a BPSI adviser, who has Ofsted experience or are a National Leader of Governance (NLG).


The Lead Reviewer will be accompanied by a Governor Reviewer. The Governor Reviewer will be acting in an entirely supportive capacity. All Governor Reviewers have received training on the review process from BPSI and are chairs or vice chairs of a good or outstanding school who have also been recommended by their headteacher. 


The Lead Reviewer will ensure that there are no issues regarding conflict of interest in the choice of Governor Reviewer.

The Chair of Governors will receive a final written report which will be completed by the Lead Reviewer after the on-site part of the review.

The school will be charged 10 BPSI Hours


BPSI Governance Review - V07 - May 2017

BPSI Advisers who can lead a BPSI Governance Review
(all have engaged in training)
Helen Morrison new-02.jpg

Helen Morrison is currently a Learning Network Inspector for Barnet Local Authority and a School Inspector. Helen was previously headteacher of a large Primary in Barnet.  During her time at the school, Helen has led the school successfully through two Ofsted Inspections, the last inspection team judging the school as Outstanding. Helen has a particular interest in effective leadership structures and enjoys supporting schools to identify and plan for school improvement. Helen has direct experience of leading major change and  has led on the amalgamation of two schools as well as experience of leading major building projects, including school expansion. Helen's Ofsted work enables her to have an up to date understanding of what Oustanding school effectiveness looks like. She enjoys supporting schools in their drive to achieve and maintain this across all aspects of school life.

Helen Morrison
Bronwen Tumani - 01.JPG

Bronwen Tumani is a NLG (National Leader of Governance) and provides support for Chairs and Governing Bodies in a range of different circumstances. She is currently Chair of Governors at Foulds Primary School in High Barnet, which was judged Outstanding by OFSTED in all categories in May 2013. Bronwen has a strong background in governance, having held various leadership roles for over 15 years in the Ministry of Justice. Between 2010-2014 she was a Non-Executive Director for the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Mental Health Trust, where she served on the Governance & Risk Management, and Audit Committees. During this time she participated in a number of Board level Homicide Inquiries and an organisational wide Governance Review. Bronwen is also highly experienced in recruitment and works for the Judicial Appointments Commission recruiting judges and tribunal members for courts and tribunals. Bronwen can assist with all matters relating to governance including conducting Governance Reviews; providing support for new Chairs of Governors and training for Governing Bodies; advising on Headteacher recruitment and helping Governors prepare for OFSTED.

Bronwen Tumani
Paul Whitcombe.jpg

Paul is an inspirational and energetic school improvement consultant. He has a passion for education with an excellent track record of supporting school leaders. Paul is committed to supporting schools in the UK and internationally, to build resilience and have clarity of direction. He is an experienced and highly successful primary headteacher and has worked in schools within a range of contexts. Paul has extensive experience of managing changes in school structures including successful federation and conversion to academy. He has been an Executive Headteacher and a CEO of a Multi Academy Trust.  He is a facilitator and assessor for the NPQ programmes.

Paul is a dynamic coach, consultant and mentor and a qualified Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) consultant and coach. He strives to model integrity. His work as a learning network inspector and Ofsted inspector enables him to support and challenge schools. Paul enjoys providing high quality professional development to schools through coaching, mentoring and training. 

Paul supports new Headteachers and provides performance management for senior leaders. He has achieved a distinction in the Professional Qualification for School Inspection and has achieved NPQH. 

Paul is committed to nurturing talent. He is an excellent communicator and is passionate about working with Headteachers, Governors, leadership teams and teaching staff to achieve the very best for children.

Paul Whitcombe
Imogen Hall 01.jpg

Imogen Hall has been a governor of St John’s C of E Primary School since 2014 and Vice Chair since November 2016, first elected as a parent governor and then nominated by the PCC to be a foundation governor. She currently chairs the Teaching & Learning Sub-Committee as well being a member of the Personnel Committee and the Admissions Committee, and works closely with the Chair on ensuring the governing body is using best practice. This includes leading the annual governance action plan, attending training each term and reaching out to other governing bodies on a regular basis. During Imogen’s tenure as governor, she has helped transform the governing body of St John’s into one and participated in LA reviews and an OFSTED inspection. Professionally Imogen worked as a publisher for a global travel brand for 16 years and now manages social media accounts. Imogen is passionate about good communication, having a clear strategy and the governing body being the very best it can be.

Imogen Hall
Keith Hill.png

Keith Hill has been a governor at Woodridge Primary School since 2012. As chair he completed the National College’s Chairs of Governors programme in 2014. In his current role as co-vice chair he facilitates an annual self-review of the Governing Body’s effectiveness and oversees its resulting development plan.

Keith’s background is in education. During more than 25 years experience as a teacher and headteacher he was a governor in primary schools in Ealing, Hackney and Islington. He subsequently worked as a national policy adviser, teacher educator and curriculum consultant. Since retiring in 2013 he supported various organisations with the implementation of the new national curriculum, developed a curriculum for “out of school” learners for UNICEF in Botswana and regularly provides voluntary consultancy to an NGO working with marginalised communities in Kosovo.

Keith Hall
Louise Ross 1_edited.jpg

Louise Ross has been a governor of Woodridge Primary School since 2014 and Chair since 2018.  Louise is a member of the Pupil, Staff and Curriculum committee, as well as a member of the Resources committee and Link Governor for Safeguarding and Pupil Premium.  During her time as governor Louise has participated in an OFSTED inspection and appointed a new head teacher.  Louise has also been responsible for the induction of new governors to ensure the smooth working and transition of a governing body.  Louise is heavily involved in strategic and development planning for her governing body.  Louise is a Solicitor by profession and brings legal and business skills to her role as a governor, as well as a keen interest in improving the prospects of all pupils.

Louise Ross
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