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BPSI Reading Review (remote)

Focus of review:

  • Reading is prioritised

  • A love of reading is promoted

  • Early reading (phonics) is sequenced through a progressive approach

  • Phonics is a focus and introduced promptly

  • Reading books are well matched to ability and context

  • Staff are experts in the teaching of reading


Prior to review (2hrs)

The school:

  • carries out a reading walk of their school either via film or photos

  • completes the reading review audit

The reviewer:

Explores the school’s approach to reading using:

  • the website and school documentation including any performance information

  • the school’s film or photos of reading in the school

  • the reading review audit.


Review Activities and Feedback (3 hrs)

  • Reading lead talks slide show / film to reviewer and discusses rationale for approach reading (explore all aspects of focus above)

  • Interview with some teachers (training, promotion of reading / interest, book matching)

  • Interview with some pupils with their books (importance of reading, book matching, interests, fluency, reading at home)

  • Possible film of a phonics session (progressive approach, staff experts)


Report (2 hrs)

The reviewer will provide a written report documenting what is working well and agreed areas for development.

Reading Book Together
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