1. Choose your lead reviewer

Read through the pen pictures of the BPSI advisers who have had experience of inspecting schools for OfSTED (see the list below) Decide who you would like to lead your review and make contact with them and agree the date of your review.  Advisers' contact details are available on the BPSI Members or from the BPSI Business Support Team.

Also read and become familiar with the Protocol and Procedures document (see below)

2. BPSI arrange supporting heads


BPSI will arrange which headteachers (see the list below) will support the BPSI Adviser during your review.  If you have any strong views (for example you could be close friends with a person on the list and feel their inclusion on the team would be inappropriate) then urgently contact BPSI Business Support Team.  All conversations will be held in confidence.

3. BPSI will ensure the review happens


Once you have agreed the date with the BPSI Adviser who will lead the review, the BPSI Business Support team will then liaise with all interested parties to ensure your review takes place.

How to arrange a BPSI School Review
BPSI School Review Documentation


  • Protocol and Procedures (V08)
    an explanation of how the Review process will work.  This is essential reading if you are going to commission a review in your school.

BPSI Headteachers who can support a BPSI School Review
(all have engaged in training)
Yvonne Baron - 01.jpg

Yvonne Baron has been the Headteacher of Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School since its inception in 2011. Etz Chaim opened as part of the first wave of Free Schools and is now a full school with its first Year Six! Yvonne has developed and shaped the school’s curriculum, premises, staffing structure and administrative systems. Yvonne believes that collaborative learning is key to successful schools and welcomes opportunities to share good practice with others. She has worked closely with Barnet and many Barnet schools even though Etz Chaim is a Free School. As a new school, Yvonne has had the unique opportunity to see her vision for learning become a reality, developing a creative and topic based curriculum. Etz Chaim has an integrated day where the children learn independently, actively and with cross curricular opportunities across all curriculum areas. The school has been judged as Good in both Ofsted and Pikuach, the Jewish inspection service.

Yvonne Baron
Ann Pelham - 01.jpg

Ann Pelham is currently the Headteacher of Holly Park School. She has been the Head since September 2013 but has worked at the school for twenty five years, moving from NQT to Headteacher in that time. She has had opportunity to work for five different Headteachers and enjoy a variety of leadership opportunities including being Assistant Head for ten years and Deputy Head for four years. During her time as Deputy, she worked very closely with the Headteacher to lead the school to Outstanding in 2011.  As Headteacher herself, Ann hopes to ensure that Holly Park inspires in all pupils, a love of learning; equips all pupils with the self-confidence necessary to constructively influence their own lives and to develop into caring competent adults. She hopes that all pupils will have equal opportunity to take part in the life and work of the school and that it will be a place every child remembers with affection.

Ann Pelham
Stefan Roos - 02.jpg

Stefan Roos is currently the Headteacher at St Mary’s CE Primary School in Finchley, starting this role in September 2015. He previously, while working as Headteacher in a Church of England Primary School in Enfield, opened and led a Free School in the same borough and became Executive Headteacher over the two schools. The experience of leading very diverse schools has enabled him to think creatively about the best way to use resources to best meet the needs of all pupils and drive improvement.  He has also worked as an OFSTED inspector between 2011 and 2014 on a number of occasions.


Stefan believes in developing all leaders, so that while they are fully equipped to secure the best for all pupils, there is also a shared understanding of how to go about securing this. He also has a passion for seeing children being given a broad spectrum of opportunities to develop personally and become balanced young people, exploring a wide range of interests and talents.

Stefan Roos
jodi Schajer - V01.png

​Jodi Schajer has over 20 years experience working in education as a teacher, leader and consultant for school improvement. She is an experienced and successful headteacher and has worked in schools within a range of contexts; from community schools in special measures, to good and outstanding faith schools. Jodi has experience of managing change in school structures, including leading redundancies, federating and academy conversion. Jodi has worked as a consultant for school improvement, providing mentoring and coaching as well as support throughout the school as a whole as it moves through the journey from special measures. Jodi can offer support with strategies for improving teaching and learning, challenging behaviours, whole school curriculum development, assessment, coaching and mentoring staff and developing middle leaders and teams.

Jodi Schajer
Joel Sager 02.jpg

Joel Sager has been Headteacher of Pardes House Primary School in Finchley since April 2012. The school was rated ‘Good’ by OfSted in 2016, with particular praise for the school’s promotion of Fundamental British Values and the way it prepares pupils for life in Modern Britain. In a school with a 50/50 religious and secular studies timetable, Joel has led his staff in developing a creative curriculum to suit the school’s needs as well as carrying out a successful strategic review of the structure and design of the school day. He has also taken his personal interest and research of character development in children, incorporating aspects of this into the school. Joel has previous senior and Headship experience in both state and private schools, has provided direct support to individual schools in Barnet and is a Headteacher mentor. As Head of Pardes House, Joel was also responsible for overseeing a government-funded multi-million pound renovation of the school, contributing to an improved learning and working environment for pupils and staff. Joel is a firm believer in collaborative practice, has sat on various Barnet committees and has a close working relationship with a number of schools, both in and outside the borough.

Joel Sager
Lisa Walker 01.jpg

Lisa Walker is currently the Headteacher at Courtland Primary School which is based in Mill Hill. She has been in post for eleven years during which time she has taken the school from Good to Outstanding. Courtland is a one form entry school with a diverse population and changing demographics.  Lisa has experience of working with a strong Governing Body and has put systems in place to ensure they have a thorough understanding of their role. Lisa also has experience of mentoring Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers and offering peer support during LA school reviews. In the Autumn Term 2012 Lisa was Interim Headteacher at The Hyde School for three days a week, whilst also leading Courtland School.  During this secondment she was able to work closely with the LA to help stabilise a school which was experiencing difficulties. This experience of leading a school through a period of extreme change has enabled her to have a healthy respect for all staff members working under intense external pressure, whilst simultaneously having to raise standards. For the last few years Lisa also has experience of working with the LA as a BSIP. This involved conducting Attainment reviews, Learning walks, and general School Improvement.

Lisa Walker

BPSI School review

The BPSI School Review process forms part of the Monitoring and Challenge element of the Partnership.  The key principle is that schools, supported by the LA and BPSI, have an overriding responsibility to routinely monitor, review and evaluate what they do.  In order to build capacity within the school headteachers, deputy headteachers and other senior staff will be invited to work alongside their colleagues carrying out the review of learning and teaching and where appropriate other areas of the review process.


​The findings of the BPSI School Review will help schools to identify strengths and weaker areas so that the former can be celebrated and disseminated and the latter can be supported.  BPSI would be happy to work with the school to provide this support so that pupil learning is enhanced and standards rise. Commissioning a BPSI School Review can be a key element of your school's improvement journey that could contribute to a successful Ofsted outcome.

​     020 8359 6325 / 6341 / 6306


BPSI Advisers who can lead a BPSI School Review (all have OfSTED experience)
D Choulerton photo 02.png

Diana Choulerton has 25 years’ experience working in education as a teacher, leader and inspector. Diana worked as one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) from 2014 to 2017. During this time Diana has developed a wide range of experience and high level of skill related to inspection and education improvement. This included leading inspections and monitoring visits of primary and secondary schools as well as SEND area inspections. Whilst working as an HMI she also took on the role of Ofsted National Lead for Design and Technology.  Prior to joining Ofsted she worked as a senior advisor for a local authority leading on 14 to 19 strategy.  Diana also has 13 years’ previous experience working in secondary schools holding middle and senior leadership responsibilities in that time.

Diana offers insight, support and advice for leaders in primary and secondary schools and local authorities on all aspects of education improvement. Specific areas of expertise include; change management, monitoring and evaluation, development planning, curriculum and assessment, teaching pedagogy, SEND reform implementation and 14-19 strategy.  Diana also remains passionate about D&T education and welcome opportunities to utilise my expertise in the subject.

Diana Choulerton
Helen Morrison new-02.jpg

Helen Morrison is currently a Learning Network Inspector for Barnet Local Authority and a School Inspector. Helen was previously headteacher of a large Primary in Barnet.  During her time at the school, Helen has led the school successfully through two Ofsted Inspections, the last inspection team judging the school as Outstanding. Helen has a particular interest in effective leadership structures and enjoys supporting schools to identify and plan for school improvement. Helen has direct experience of leading major change and  has led on the amalgamation of two schools as well as experience of leading major building projects, including school expansion. Helen's Ofsted work enables her to have an up to date understanding of what Oustanding school effectiveness looks like. She enjoys supporting schools in their drive to achieve and maintain this across all aspects of school life.

Helen Morrison
Paul Whitcombe.jpg

Paul is an inspirational and energetic school improvement consultant. He has a passion for education with an excellent track record of supporting school leaders. Paul is committed to supporting schools in the UK and internationally, to build resilience and have clarity of direction. He is an experienced and highly successful primary headteacher and has worked in schools within a range of contexts. Paul has extensive experience of managing changes in school structures including successful federation and conversion to academy. He has been an Executive Headteacher and a CEO of a Multi Academy Trust.  He is a facilitator and assessor for the NPQ programmes.

Paul is a dynamic coach, consultant and mentor and a qualified Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) consultant and coach. He strives to model integrity. His work as a learning network inspector and Ofsted inspector enables him to support and challenge schools. Paul enjoys providing high quality professional development to schools through coaching, mentoring and training. 

Paul supports new Headteachers and provides performance management for senior leaders. He has achieved a distinction in the Professional Qualification for School Inspection and has achieved NPQH. 

Paul is committed to nurturing talent. He is an excellent communicator and is passionate about working with Headteachers, Governors, leadership teams and teaching staff to achieve the very best for children.

Paul Whitcombe