BPSI Pupil premium review

The Pupil Premium Review Guide has been developed by BPSI to support schools in ensuring that a Pupil Premium review commissioned from System Leaders in Barnet will follow a planned, staged framework, will be consistent and of high quality. System leaders have received bespoke training for delivering reviews using the guide.


Schools will be charged 12 BPSI Hours for a Pupil Premium Review.



The guide and external review process is a key school improvement tool for schools in Barnet to review their practice and to ensure the best outcomes for all disadvantaged pupils in their school.


All schools will be aiming to secure the best outcomes for their pupils. An external review can be helpful to any school in supporting the identification of priorities for improvement. 


This guide is intended to be for:


  1. System leaders in Barnet to support schools to improve the achievement of disadvantaged pupils

  2. Schools where headteachers and governors have identified, from self evaluation, that there are aspects of their provision that need to be improved

  3. Schools who have been judged to Require Improvement because of the underachievement of their disadvantaged pupils

  4. Schools where Ofsted have recommended a Pupil Premium review


Principles underpinning the Pupil Premium review process


  1. Schools should complete the audit tool for self evaluation prior to commissioning a review

  2. Schools should commit to moderating their audit through the support of a peer headteacher prior to sending to the review team

  3. Schools will provide the moderated audit and  relevant school data prior to the review

  4. Reviewers will complete an analysis of the audit and school data and use this information in partnership with the commissioning school to shape the review

  5. The reviewer will provide summary feedback at the end of the review and a formal report a week later will be sent to the school

  6. The school will then develop an action plan based on the recommendations


How to arrange a BPSI School Review

The flowchart above shows how the process should work.


As stated, schools should first complete the audit tool for self evaluation.


The self evaluation audit should be moderated by a peer headteacher.


If, following this moderation, the school decides (or is required) to commission a Pupil Premium Review, it is at this stage that contact with the BPSI team should be made (see below). 


The BPSI Support Team will liaise with the school.  The school will decide who they want to conduct their review from the list of colleagues from the list below.  All these people have been trained in conducting a Pupil Premium Review. Advisers' contact details are available on the BPSI Members Area or from the BPSI Business Support Team (see below).


Once you have agreed the date with the BPSI Adviser who will lead the Pupil Premium review, the BPSI Business Support team will then liaise with all interested parties to ensure your review takes place.


BPSI Advisers and Headteachers who can support a BPSI Pupil Premium Review
(all have engaged in training)

Elaine Corcoran

Elaine Corcoran has over 35 years of experience in classroom teaching and leadership.  From 2008 – 2013  she worked for the School Improvement service in Hertfordshire supporting schools in a range of difficult circumstances, including those in Ofsted categories. Elaine is passionate about supporting leadership at all levels.  She has worked alongside head teachers, deputy heads, Sencos and Subject leaders, supporting them with monitoring schedules, school Self Evaluation and preparation for Ofsted and HMI visits. Elaine has coached and worked alongside class teachers.  She particularly enjoys working with staff to develop and manage ‘robust and sustainable systems’  for tracking pupils’ progress and identifying pockets of underachievement.
Elaine can offer guidance and support to schools with the following: detailed analysis of data; pupil progress tracking systems; developing the role of Senco/Inco; developing Subject leaders, both experienced and new to role; joint lesson observations/feedback to staff; detailed school Self Evaluation; Pupil Voice; Work/Planning scrutiny; developing the role of Support Staff.

Jo Curd

Jo Curd has worked as an educational consultant for over eighteen years. She has taught pupils from 3 to 19 years of age in mainstream and special schools. She has held posts of responsibility for Special Educational Needs and Religious Education and been Head of a Nursery. She has worked with a very wide range of schools as an adviser, trainer and inspector. She has written and delivered a wide range of courses across England and in Europe. Themes of such courses have included ‘Community Cohesion’, ‘Improving the monitoring cycle’ and ‘Three Pillars of Early Years’. She is passionate about effective inclusion and equipping staff and pupils. She is co-founder of a not-for-profit social enterprise ‘Autistic Eye’ which publicises and sells work by artists with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.   She currently works as a Lead Consultant for School Improvement and Early Years Inspector. 

Jo can devise and deliver a range of training courses or help you identify strengths and areas for development within your school and help you create a concise plan of action to address these.

Bob Greatrex

Bob Greatex after successfully leading three primary schools, one in London, became an Ofsted inspector in 1997, and a ‘lead’ inspector shortly afterwards. He led numerous inspections over the following twenty years and continues to ‘team’ on inspections currently. He has inspected nursery, primary (including infant and junior) and special schools and PRUs, and quality-assured inspection reports. Bob has also led reviews of kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools in various US states. On behalf of local authorities, he has mentored newly qualified teachers and supported a large vulnerable London school as it improved from ‘special measures’.
Bob is able to offer a wide range of support in most areas of school improvement including; all aspects of preparation for inspection, leadership and management generally (e.g., self-evaluation and development planning, governance, safeguarding, understanding and using data and improving teaching and learning). Bob can also advise on meeting the needs of dyslexic pupils. Bob has a passion for improving school grounds to deliver high quality learning and recreational opportunities. He feels this can contribute significantly to pupils’ well-being.

Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths has been headteacher at Brunswick Park Primary & Nursery School for the past seven years. During this time Andy has led the school through a successful OFSTED inspection, with the outcome being good. A recent BPSI review suggests that the school could realistically be judged outstanding at its next inspection. Andy has managed the school through a successful expansion process, as the school grows towards becoming a substantive two form entry school. As a member of the former EiC group Andy has invested considerable time developing and enhancing opportunities for disadvantaged children – with Brunswick Park being awarded a Pupil Premium Award for the past two years for the outstanding progress made by these groups. Andy has a proven track record of developing staff teams in order to improve standards and has grown a strong team of teachers through successful Schools Direct partnerships with Middlesex University. Andy has experience of mentoring new headteachers, as well as undertaking a BSIP role for the past two years. Further involvement with BPSI include offering peer support during LA reviews and running sessions on building effective partnerships with parents. 

Charles Rice

Charles Rice is an experienced Local Authority and independent School Improvement Partner and Inspector, currently in a freelance role supporting and monitoring the maintained schools in Barnet, and also continuing to be trained by and inspect for Ofsted.
In his recent Learning Network Inspector role he was accountable for the performance of all maintained secondary schools in Barnet, and responsible for developing and maintaining a secondary network across all secondary schools, including academies. In this role he left individual schools accurate in their self-evaluation and well-prepared for inspection, and the network professionally developed through meaningful Peer Enquiry sessions and well-planned training opportunities.
His role has also supported and been supported by the Teaching School Alliances, ensuring that the borough has been able to continue to adapt and develop effective relationships with all secondary schools in a rapidly changing context.  His work with Governing Bodies on HT/DHT appointments, HT appraisal, and undertaking their responsibilities, has been commended.  

Charles has also been involved in leading CPD programmes in and across schools, training whole school staff teams, and coaching individuals and groups, in both leadership and teaching. During his tenure the leadership capacity of Barnet Secondary schools has strengthened, as evident both in the % of schools that have been judged Good or better, and in raised achievement at KS4 and KS5.  A particular passion, which he is sometimes briefed to lead on, is the development of strong literacy practice and expertise across and within all subjects.  

Bronwen Tumani

​Bronwen Tumani is a NLG (National Leader of Governance) and provides support for Chairs and Governing Bodies in a range of different circumstances. She is currently Chair of Governors at Foulds Primary School in High Barnet, which was judged Outstanding by OFSTED in all categories in May 2013. Bronwen has a strong background in governance, having held various leadership roles for over 15 years in the Ministry of Justice. Between 2010-2014 she was a Non-Executive Director for the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Mental Health Trust, where she served on the Governance & Risk Management, and Audit Committees. During this time she participated in a number of Board level Homicide Inquiries and an organisational wide Governance Review. Bronwen is also highly experienced in recruitment and works for the Judicial Appointments Commission recruiting judges and tribunal members for courts and tribunals. Bronwen can assist with all matters relating to governance including conducting Governance Reviews; providing support for new Chairs of Governors and training for Governing Bodies; advising on Headteacher recruitment and helping Governors prepare for OFSTED.

Paul Whitcombe

Paul Whitcombe is an experienced and highly successful primary headteacher and has worked in schools within a range of contexts.  In addition, Paul has extensive experience of managing changes in school structures including successful federation ad conversion to academy and has been a  CEO of a Multi Academy Trust for many years.  Other work includes consultancy, work as a school improvement partner and Paul currently works as a school inspector. Paul enjoys providing high quality professional development to schools through mentoring and training. 

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