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EYFS School review

The BPSI EYFS School Review process forms part of the Monitoring and Challenge element of the Partnership.  The key principle is that schools, supported by the LA and BPSI, have an overriding responsibility to routinely monitor, review and evaluate what they do.  In order to build capacity within the school headteachers, deputy headteachers, EYFS leaders and other senior staff will be invited to work alongside their colleagues carrying out the review of learning and teaching and where appropriate other areas of the review process.

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BPSI Advisers who can support a EYFS School Review

Helen Cheung - 01.JPG

​Helen Cheung has taught across a range of London Schools within Hackney, Harrow and Barnet. She has over twenty years teaching experience and her leadership roles have ranged from Early Years Manager to Acting Headteacher. She has provided consultancy support for National Projects including the National Oracy Project, The National Literacy Project, EMAG and most recently the Communication, Language and Literacy Programme. Most recently she has been working as an Early Years Consultant for Barnet.  In this role she works closely with practitioners across the maintained and non-maintained sectors, delivering INSET, centrally based training and advising senior management. She is a fully accredited QCDA EYFS profile moderator and a member of the Chartered Institute of Assessors.

Helen Cheung
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