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BPSI policy documents and useful links

BPSI Hours Options - Cashing In and Drawing Forward

You have a number of options with regard to your BPSI hours that increase the flexibility of how you might use them.  These options are offered to make membership of BPSI more attractive whilst offering good value too.

'Cashing In BPSI' hours to use external Consultants


You can 'Cash In' up to 10 hours per year from your year's allocation to contribute towards paying for an external consultant.  This can be done as a single school or as part of a group of schools.  If you would like to engage an external consultant and 'cash in' some hours you will need to comply with this policy:


'Drawing Forward'


You can move up to 10% (in most cases) of your total allocation of hours from your next year's allocation to use in this financial year. If you would like to 'draw forward' some hours you will need to use this form:

Single Central Record (SCR) / Disqualification by Association Resources



The Single Central Record Guidance Note should be read in conjunction with the excel Template and in the context of Keeping Children Safe in Education - March 2015.


It is intended for:

  • Head teachers

  • Governing bodies

  • staff in schools delegated with responsibility for maintaining a school’s ‘Single Central Record’


BPSI schools can access the documentation from the Headteachers page of the BPSI Members area.  Other Barnet maintained schools should email for copies of the resources.

Other general information

BPSI Steering Group Steering Group Information

Information can be found on the BPSI Headteacher Members' Area or by contacting


Headteachers Performance Management documents

Information can be found on the BPSI Headteacher Members' Area or by contacting



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