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Royden Gothelf is a chartered IT professional providing independent advice to Primary, Secondary and Academy school leaders on cost management and strategic IT planning, linking the use of technology to whole school outcomes such as improve teaching and learning.  The approach gives the school a platform for moving forward, reducing spending in areas.

Royden is based in Barnet having over 30 years experience on the use of technology to deliver innovative changes in the workplace and in teaching and learning.

Royden provides advice and training to senior leaders, governors and trustees on: comprehensive strategic plan linking IT to whole school plans, use of technologies in the classroom, management of documents meeting GDPR and Safeguarding, data analysis and management, emerging technologies for use in education and how to be ready to benefit from them - e.g. AI (Artificial Intelligence), Procurement of IT - getting the best from suppliers. 

Royden Gothelf
Jeff Howson - 03_edited.jpg

Jeff Howson has worked with Primary and Secondary schools across the UK and internationally for over 35 years as a teacher, HOD, senior teacher, examiner, trainer, project manager, adviser and education consultant. He also runs his own consultancy company and works in the private sector in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Education, winning many international awards for various projects.

Jeff has many specialisms including the Computing Curriculum, Digital Literacy, Artificial Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence,  IT Governance, IT Support, IT Infrastructure, IT Procurement, Edtech innovation and implementation. He provides consultancy guidance and support on the above for school leaders and classroom staff.

Jeff Howson
Michael Reilly IMG_8903 - 02.jpg

Michael Reilly is an experienced KS2 class teacher who is currently Phase Leader, English & Computing Lead and Y6 Class Teacher at Fairway Primary School & Children’s Centre. Michael has a passion for quality teaching with expertise in English at KS2 and making lessons memorable for children. Michael’s drive and focus on memorable experiences has seen an increase in writing outcomes within his classes and phase. Michael also has key skills in utilising IT and computing within his lessons supporting both children and teachers. He has recently embedded a digital portfolio platform across KS1 & KS2 within his school which has empowered pupil driven learning and helped in reducing workload.


Michael can offer support in the following areas: Creating, planning and delivering high quality memorable English lessons; Using IT and Computing within lessons to increase engagement; English lesson sequencing; English targeting and intervention. 

Michael Reilly

Computing & ICT Advisers

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