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Headteacher Performance Management Advisers

Yvonne Baron - photo cropped.jpg

Yvonne is an experienced school leader with a passion for inclusion, independent learning and pupil voice. She was the founding Headteacher of Etz Chaim Primary School, one of the first Free Schools that opened in 2011. She was involved in the design and build process of a new and purpose built school including the design of the school's curriculum and building a successful staff team.


Yvonne currently support schools, school leaders and teachers in primary schools in the UK and abroad in a variety of ways:

  • Support for new schools or schools undergoing a restructure incl policies and procedures

  • Strategies for school improvement

  • Curriculum support to primary schools incl EYFS and assessment

  • Bespoke training for whole school teams and specialist groups including school leaders, subject leaders and governors

  • Headteacher appraisal




Yvonne Baron
Jim Coyle - 01.jpg

James Coyle delivers school leadership training, coaching and mentoring in areas such as performance management, teaching and learning, leadership, and data analysis for improvement.
His school improvement experience includes: Ofsted and s48 Lead Inspector; Designated National Leader of Governance (NCSL); Approved Additional Support Governor (HSIP); Teacher Trainer; Chair in Harrow Primary and Secondary Schools over a 20 year period; Professional Development programme for Governors HSIP and Best Practice Network (BPN); Assessment of teachers for ITT, QTS and PGCE; Assessment systems for students learning.
Impact of work undertaken to support school improvement: Board member Harrow School Improvement Partnership since 2011; School Improvement Adviser Brent Secondary Schools; Chair of GB at outstanding Harrow school – Ofsted 2014; Completed school improvement interventions across London and SE following Ofsted RI referral to the National College and HSIP; Endorsed audits and action plans for improvement in teaching and learning, designed to drive up rates of progress, narrow the gap between learners and develop school leaders; Successful tutor to trainee teachers on behalf of the University of Buckingham.




James Coyle
Jillian Dunstan - 02.jpg

Jillian Dunstan was the Head Teacher of Mathilda Marks-Kennedy Jewish Primary School for 11 years. This is a successful one form entry community school (with Nursery) in Mill Hill. The school is currently graded as outstanding and the recent Pikuach (Jewish Studies) inspection also graded the school as outstanding. Prior to that she was Deputy Head in a three form entry school in Harrow.

Jillian can offer support in Head Teacher performance management reviews as well as data analysis to inform the SEF and SIP. She can also assist in areas of leadership and management. Jillian has mentored new Head Teachers, as well as mentoring other members of SLT. She has also been involved in developing Middle Leaders, as well as in developing teams and leaders at all levels to improve standards. She gains much pleasure from seeing staff develop in their roles. Jillian also started work in her school focusing on the area of Staff Mental Health with a view to improving the retention of staff and developing a positive work environment.




Jillian Dunstan
Jacob Ebrahimoff 01.png

Cobi Ebrahimoff is a former Head of an outstanding primary faith school with extensive experience in supporting school improvement. Instrumental in leading the school’s secular studies from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ and Jewish Studies from ‘Satisfactory’ to ‘Outstanding’, he is currently the Principal of the Independent Jewish Day School Academy in Barnet and the Executive Head of King Solomon, a British international all-through school in Israel. His qualifications include: BA in finance, MSc research in implementing change within school settings, NPQH, NLE, rabbinical ordination and Pikuach (Section 48) inspector. He tailored successful financial models for a range of schools and has substantial experience in developing Religious Education curricula, particularly in Jewish Studies.

Cobi can offer support in financial management and policies, effective appraisal systems, Headteacher Performance Management Reviews, data analysis to inform the SEF and SIP, training on effective use of data to inform planning, curriculum development and assessment in Jewish Studies, preparation for Pikuach inspections, SMSCD and training on improving teacher/parent partnerships. Cobi’s expertise provides support and training for Headteachers and Senior leaders aiming to achieve high standards of teaching and learning across secular and religious studies.

Cobi Ebrahimoff
Michael Larkin 01.jpg

Michael Larkin is an independent educational consultant with experience teaching in a variety of secondary and primary schools. He has considerable experience as a headteacher in London and in Milton Keynes. Michael’s leadership was consistently judged as outstanding. Michael has an excellent track record both as a headteacher and as a school improvement consultant. Schools appreciate the level of insight, which enables them to address their improvement agenda in a rapid and sustainable manner. Michael is friendly, funny, personable and incredibly organised and makes sure excellence and providing an exemplary service is at the heart of all of his work with colleagues in schools. Michael lives in Barnet and is keen to work with schools to support the best outcomes for pupils in Barnet.  Michael is passionate about ethical leadership. Michael can offer support in the following areas, including strategic school improvement;  leadership development through coaching and mentoring; developing ethos and critically reflective practice of all staff; headteacher appraisal; school self evaluation; through strengthening leadership at all levels;  improving teaching and learning; using drama techniques in all subjects; building an outstanding computing curriculum; governance training and reviews;  curriculum review and development; safeguarding, including audits.

Michael Larkin
Tim McLoughlin.JPG

Tim McLoughlin is a very experienced school leader having been a headteacher in inner London before working as a School Development Advisor. He has over thirty years experience of working in education. He is an School Inspector and currently inspects primary and independent schools. Tim can support schools with reviews and evaluation of leadership and curriculum practice as well as training for staff and governors on many aspects of school leadership. He is also able to act as an external advisor for headteacher performance management meetings. As a qualified counsellor he is also able to work with leaders on the development of mental health and well-being within a school context.

Tim McLoughlin
Helen Morrison new-02.jpg

Helen Morrison is currently a Learning Network Inspector for Barnet Local Authority and a School Inspector. Helen was previously headteacher of a large Primary in Barnet.  During her time at the school, Helen has led the school successfully through two Ofsted Inspections, the last inspection team judging the school as Outstanding. Helen has a particular interest in effective leadership structures and enjoys supporting schools to identify and plan for school improvement. Helen has direct experience of leading major change and  has led on the amalgamation of two schools as well as experience of leading major building projects, including school expansion. Helen's Ofsted work enables her to have an up to date understanding of what Oustanding school effectiveness looks like. She enjoys supporting schools in their drive to achieve and maintain this across all aspects of school life.

Helen Morrison
Beverley Perin 02.jpg

Beverley Perin began her career as teacher of French, and then became a Head of Modern Foreign Languages. Gaining skills and confidence, she moved on to deputy headship, and then took up post as a headteacher in a good secondary school, with outstanding leadership. Beverley undertook interventions as a headteacher in schools in the most challenging areas. She gained an MBA from Hull University in international educational leadership.

Beverley supports primary and secondary schools across the country. She has worked in special schools and chaired governing bodies in primary and secondary schools. Some of these required her to help schools get out of special measures.

Beverley delivers inset for trustees and governors - is a good diagnostician and identifies what schools need to do next. Beverley is skilled at writing SEFs and school improvement plans, training leaders to do the same. She especially enjoys training and developing middle and senior leaders, in addition to lay leaders, and works with staff to improve  the quality of education.

Beverley coaches headteachers and puts together school reviews including senior leaders as much as she can. She is fully trained in safeguarding level 3, and has led safeguarding reviews. Beverley can give support in all areas of school improvement.

Beverley Perin
Miranda Perry - V2.jpg

Miranda Perry has held senior positions in the primary, secondary and advisory education sector. She has considerable experience as a lead Ofsted inspector for primary and secondary schools. She works as an education consultant for government research trials, as a school improvement partner for local authorities and with schools who want to develop 'beyond outstanding'.  She runs a range of courses and workshops for BPSI on, for example, effective self-evaluation and school improvement planning, interpreting RoL and impactful interventions.
Her qualifications include NPQH, a research MA in public sector change, Diplomas in Counselling, and Change Management.
Miranda can offer the following support: SEF and SIP writing; data analysis, use of data, and interpretation of RoL; school reviews, headteacher appraisal; impactful interventions and feedback, effective work scrutiny; effective monitoring of teaching and learning; improving progress of groups; 'beyond outstanding'.

Miranda Perry
Eileen Quigley head shot.jpg

Eileen is a highly experienced and passionate education professional who is currently working as a School Improvement Partner and mentor for Headteachers in a Multi Academy Trust. During a successful career, Eileen led a Catholic primary school to outstanding Ofsted judgements, and was the founding Principal of a large International School in Malaysia. In addition, Eileen qualified as an Ofsted inspector and was appointed as a National Leader in Education in 2012, to provide direct support to schools in difficulty on behalf of the DFE.

Eileen offers early headship advice and mentoring, and a wider range of leadership development for leaders at all levels. She can support schools in overall school improvement planning and implementation, with a strong focus on teaching and learning.

Eileen Quigley

Charles Rice is an experienced Local Authority and independent School Improvement Partner and Inspector, currently in a freelance role supporting and monitoring the maintained schools in Barnet, and also continuing to be trained by and inspect for Ofsted.
In his recent Learning Network Inspector role he was accountable for the performance of all maintained secondary schools in Barnet, and responsible for developing and maintaining a secondary network across all secondary schools, including academies. In this role he left individual schools accurate in their self-evaluation and well-prepared for inspection, and the network professionally developed through meaningful Peer Enquiry sessions and well-planned training opportunities.
His role has also supported and been supported by the Teaching School Alliances, ensuring that the borough has been able to continue to adapt and develop effective relationships with all secondary schools in a rapidly changing context.  His work with Governing Bodies on HT/DHT appointments, HT appraisal, and undertaking their responsibilities, has been commended.  

Charles has also been involved in leading CPD programmes in and across schools, training whole school staff teams, and coaching individuals and groups, in both leadership and teaching. During his tenure the leadership capacity of Barnet Secondary schools has strengthened, as evident both in the % of schools that have been judged Good or better, and in raised achievement at KS4 and KS5.  A particular passion, which he is sometimes briefed to lead on, is the development of strong literacy practice and expertise across and within all subjects.

Charles Rice
Pav Saunders - 02.jpg

Pav Saunders has experience of teaching in a number of schools, which includes secondary, middle, junior and primary. She is particularly interested in school improvement, leadership and management, staff development, teaching and learning and early years. Pav has been the headteacher of an outstanding primary school.  She was also a National Leader of Education (NLE) and has done school to school support work in schools facing challenging circumstances. She has extensive experience of leading Ofsted inspections. Pav has recently become an independent education consultant. She now leads training sessions and does consultancy work with a number of providers. She is an accredited lead facilitator with the National College and is currently delivering the leadership curriculum.
Pav can offer support in the following areas: Teaching and learning; Assessment for learning; Analysis of data; Monitoring and evaluation; Leadership training for middle and senior leaders; Governor effectiveness; School Self-evaluation; Performance management; Early Years; Working with parents and the community.

Pav Saunders
Sandra Teacher - 03.jpg

Sandra Teacher is a highly experienced educational consultant with over 20 years’ experience in leading Ofsted inspections.  Her inspection work has covered Early Years, primary, secondary and special schools and PRUs, and included quality assurance for inspection service providers. She is continuing her inspection work with Ofsted as an Early Years Inspector and is also an Education Adviser at the Department for Education.
She has wide cross-phase teaching and advisory experience and is a School Experience tutor and Lecturer in Education at a range of Teacher/training Institutions. She has a national role in Special Education; Early Years and Faith communities. She has been an External Adviser for the Performance Management of Headteachers, and an Advanced Skills Teacher assessor. She is a published writer of EYFS materials for parents and practitioners; of school self-evaluation materials and most recently guidance on promoting Fundamental British Values and The Prevent agenda, as well as a Safeguarding Toolkit for all types of educational settings.

Sandra is able to provide the following services to schools: school improvement reviews focusing on whole school effectiveness or aspects of provision chosen by the school; governance reviews; early years’ reviews; pupil premium reviews; headteacher appraisal; coaching for senior and middle leaders; support for school leaders in improving teaching and learning, including through joint lesson observations, and in the use of self-evaluation for continuous school improvement.
Support in achieving the requirements for the SEN Code of Practice including provisioning mapping and on measuring the impact of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Sandra Teacher
Paul Whitcombe.jpg

Paul is an inspirational and energetic school improvement consultant. He has a passion for education with an excellent track record of supporting school leaders. Paul is committed to supporting schools in the UK and internationally, to build resilience and have clarity of direction. He is an experienced and highly successful primary headteacher and has worked in schools within a range of contexts. Paul has extensive experience of managing changes in school structures including successful federation and conversion to academy. He has been an Executive Headteacher and a CEO of a Multi Academy Trust.  He is a facilitator and assessor for the NPQ programmes.

Paul is a dynamic coach, consultant and mentor and a qualified Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) consultant and coach. He strives to model integrity. His work as a learning network inspector and Ofsted inspector enables him to support and challenge schools. Paul enjoys providing high quality professional development to schools through coaching, mentoring and training. 

Paul supports new Headteachers and provides performance management for senior leaders. He has achieved a distinction in the Professional Qualification for School Inspection and has achieved NPQH. 

Paul is committed to nurturing talent. He is an excellent communicator and is passionate about working with Headteachers, Governors, leadership teams and teaching staff to achieve the very best for children.

Paul Whitcombe

Paul Wiggins was the Headteacher of Barnfield School, which has more than 50% of its pupils on free school meals.  He has led the school to two Outstanding Ofsted reports. He has worked as a School Improvement Partner for Barnet, supporting heads in reviews of attainment, setting priorities and school improvement planning, as well as supporting governors with Headteacher performance management.  As a local leader of education, working for the London Challenge, he supported Headteachers in Brent and Hillingdon who were either new to the role or in challenging circumstances. He was a founder member and for several years Chair of Barnet’s Excellence in Clusters’ schools, which gave highly effective support to those schools in Barnet which were in more deprived circumstances and contributed to his expertise and experience in the areas of vulnerable children and children facing barriers to their learning. 

Paul Wiggins
UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1bc 2.jpg

Malcolm is a highly motivated and successful educational consultant, trainer, and coach with a strong track record of leading and transforming schools.


He is a Lead Ofsted Inspector with the Qualification for School Inspectors gained through Middlesex University and Tribal in July 2015. He has worked for both Ofsted and the Department for Education (DfE), as an Ofsted Inspector and an Educational Adviser respectively, since 2015. He is a Consultant School Improvement Partner for Haringey Education Partnership and also for a number of other authorities and multi academy trusts across the country.  Malcolm therefore has considerable experience of working directly with schools and supporting them in the raising of standards. During a long career in education, he has nearly twenty years of experience as a headteacher of three different schools, two of which were in particularly challenging circumstances.  He is an EMCC Accredited Coach.  Malcolm is also a self-employed school leader, adviser and consultant and the managing director of LeadingSchs2Success Ltd., an educational consultancy company. He is passionate about education and its ability to enable children to achieve beyond their dreams.


Malcolm offers a wide range of services for schools including headteacher, senior and middle leadership development, subject area audits, whole school reviews, SEND reviews, reading development and training for governors.

everal years Chair of Barnet’s Excellence in Clusters’ schools, which gave highly effective support to those schools in Barnet which were in more deprived circumstances and contributed to his expertise and experience in the areas of vulnerable children and children facing barriers to their learning. 

Malcolm Willis
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