Terry Hogan currently works in Holly Park school and is a highly experienced Music teacher, particularly skilled at inspiring and motivating teachers and pupils to engage in high quality Music lessons.  He has worked as a primary Music Advanced Skills Teacher for Barnet and, previously, as a Leading Music Teacher for Islington.
Terry can offer support in the following areas: in-class support (modelling lessons and team- teaching); rhythm activities and African drumming; getting reluctant singers to sing; raising standards of choral singing; musical creativity and composition; music technology; music curriculum design and developing a scheme of work; INSET for whole staff;  firing up enthusiasm for music in your school. Terry’s career began as a primary school class teacher in Islington and he has also worked as a professional musician.  He gained a Master’s degree in 2008 in Music Education and is currently working on a university research project involving raising standards of children’s singing across the country. He has worked at Islington Music Centre and Southwark Music Centre specialising in African drumming, composition and directing choirs. Terry prepared a 100-strong Barnet choir which sang at the BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ event and Terry and one of his school choirs recently performed at the House of Lords.

Terry Hogan

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