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Professional Development Exchange

What is the Professional Development Exchange?


BPSI provides:

  • A quality training programme

  • Support in schools that impacts upon practice

  • Support to facilitate the exchange of good practice between schools"


The ‘Professional Development Exchange' is part of the third point above.


Partnership Schools offer to provide access to a piece of good work. It could be a number of things offered for staff in other partnership schools to come and observe, such as a Learning Walk through a really good nursery provision, an outstanding teacher giving a literacy lesson, the effective use of Fronter, Setting up a school Library etc. Unlike the training programme or consultancy in schools the Professional Development Exchange would not be available to non BPSI schools.

How Can I Offer a Professional Development Exchange Event?


If you would like to provide wider access to some good work in your school why not provide a Professional Development Exchange Event. Click on the word doc link below, complete the form and send it to us at BPSI.

Professional Development Exchange Proposal form


Quality Assurance


Schools decide if they would like to host a Professional Development Exchange event.  Consequently, the quality assurance of these events rest with the headteacher of the host school.


It is important that all schools within the partnership actively engage in a professional dialogue.  A significant part of this is providing feedback.

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