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Tania Barney has worked in Barnet for the past 10 years, within both educational and health settings.  She has worked within the National Healthy Schools Programme, leading on both Emotional Health and Well Being and PSHE Education.  Tania is a registered Philosophy for Children (P4C) Trainer and is able to provide Level 1 and introductory courses, as well as other Philosophy for Children Inset, and in-school support and follow up.

In addition to thinking skills training, Tania can provide school based training and consultation in the following areas: Health and Well Being (including HealthySchools, PSHEe and SRE), pupil involvement and participation (including school council training) and occupational therapy/SEN advice for developing fine and gross motor skills and understanding sensory processing disorders.

Tania Barney

PSHE Advisers

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Dinah Okolie

She has been a primary education teacher for over ten years since starting out as a parent volunteer, delivering SEN interventions, at Wessex Gardens Primary School. She achieved Qualified Teacher Status in 2013, through the Graduate Teacher Programme, and went on to make a significant impact on school improvement as UKS2 Phase Leader and as lead practitioner on writing attainment, curriculum development and PSHE.


At every stage of her journey in education, Dinah has stood out for her holistic approach to leadership, and her unfailing dedication to developing the classroom and wider school environment to promote the well-being of all pupils and all members of staff.

Her training supports schools with the development of effective, whole-school practice that actively promotes positive communication and cohesion amongst staff and teaches practical strategies and techniques to safeguard the mental health and well-being of staff and pupils, even under the constantly increasing pressures that schools are facing.

She offers coaching services, in both the primary and secondary phase, in the following areas:


; change management for Early Career Teachers and teachers who are contemplating or transitioning into middle or senior leadership

; developing more effective, positive communication skills

; state management strategies and techniques

; confidence-building and self-empowerment to progress personally and professionally

; developing greater flexibility of response to challenges in the classroom and in the wider school environment

; raising awareness of limiting barriers and developing the tools to overcome them

; creating resourceful habits for effective time, priority and workload management

; achieving a healthier balance between work and home

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