Religious Education

Stacey Burman

Stacey Burman is an enthusiastic adviser with over twelve years’ experience making a positive impact on the learning of primary and secondary pupils in a wide range of schools, including SEND, faith and PRUs, across the spectrum of State, MAT and independent schools.  She has built on relationships and recognition from several national organisations, institutions, charities and networks to support schools in achieving national awards and run popular training for teachers in RE and humanities for Early Years, primary and secondary. When working in schools as a consultant, coach or as an Associate Deputy/Head Teacher Stacey builds an excellent rapport with teachers, school leaders and pupils alike.  She has created effective solutions to help schools achieve the required Ofsted and DFE standards, particularly with the new guidance on RSE, developing SMSC and British Values, by using her knowledge and understanding of each schools’ specific requirements whilst protecting the beliefs, values and traditions as well as the ethos of certain faith schools. In addition, she has created successful curriculum and assessment materials for ‘Kodesh’ subjects, which Pikuach approved.  

She is familiar with the most recent Ofsted Education Inspection framework, as well as the latest developmental thinking and effective pedagogy - including assessment for learning. She has additional qualifications for teaching swimming (ASA), Philosophy for Children (P4C), and coaching & mentoring (ILM).

Anna Sallnow

Anna Sallnow presently works in Barnet as a consultant for the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education, this has involved coordinating the Agreed Syllabus Conference, which resulted in the writing of the current syllabus, working with faith groups & training for the implementation of the syllabus.

She has worked with faith & community primary, special & secondary schools on Religious Education, Collective Worship, moral & spiritual & multicultural education since 1987. She runs regular training sessions for RE coordinators & staff meetings & other advisory work.

She completed a research project on pupil voice in 2010 looking at the experiences of black & minority ethnic students in mainly white schools. This used case study & action research approaches with the young people as co-researchers. She has since worked in a number of schools developing this pupil voice work.

Susy Stone

Susy Stone MA is the retired Head of Akiva School and was previously head of Bell Lane Primary School.

Susy and her husband run the Israeli Dance Institute , which has developed a unique programme of dances for children for the Jewish festivals.


Susy is able to offer a workshop on dances for any of the major Jewish festivals eg Sukkot, Chanukah, Passover. The workshop can be with staff or with children and will include ideas on how to incorporate the dances in teaching about the festival.

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