Welcome to BPSI

BPSI is a school improvement traded service. But BPSI is far more than that, it is a partnership of schools that effectively pool money each year to fund:

  • Training that improves school outcomes

  • Consultancy in your school that impacts upon practice

  • Support for the exchange of best practice between schools

If you are a school interested in joining our partnership, please see the joining BPSI and What schools say about us ... links below

​     020 8359 6325 / 6341 / 6306


Catherine Carroll

Catherine Carroll is an education consultant and university lecturer specialising in inclusion, special educational needs and the education of children and young people in care.  Catherine can offer support in the following areas: SEND, SENCO support, staff supervision, inclusion and the educaiton of students in care.

BPSI summer 2020 training programme

In response to the decision to move some Traded services to start in September, we have put together a small training programme for the summer term to support schools.  Please see the attached brochure for details of the courses.  Updates to content and dates will be added to the flyers which are accessed via the button above as usual.

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Latest BPSI News

New Headteachers' Support

New Headteachers taking up their new role will require different levels of support.  Governors of schools have a duty to provide support to their new headteacher to ease the transition into their new role for the benefit of the individual and the school

Professional Development Exchange

Partnership schools offer to provide access to a piece of good work.  It could be a number of things offered for staff in other partnership schools to come and observe, such as a Learning Walk through a really good nursery provision, an outstanding teacher giving a literacy lesson, setting up a school library etc.

BPSI Associate Member Offer

BPSI can now offer Associate Member Status to secondary schools in Barnet and any school outside of Barnet.  The offer provides an opportunity to access BPSI Consultants at a reduced rate.

Barnet Partnership for School Improvement (BPSI), Barnet Education & Learning Service, 2 Bristol Avenue Colindale, London, NW9 4EW

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