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Trying to keep up to date without being drowned in the virtual deluge of information whizzing around these days is becoming increasingly difficult and we're sure you limit what you tap into and what you resist.  Indeed, many people vary where they get their info these days managing e-mail, twitter and facebook feeds.  You will, we're sure, have your own way of managing the flood of info but we thought we would let you know (or remind you) of a couple of sources / feeds of education information that are currently available to you.  


TheSchoolBus send a Newsletter out every Tuesday at 5pm (check your spam box if you aren’t getting it or contact The SchoolBus).

Department for Education

Mustn’t forget the DfE where you can sign up for e-mail alerts or follow their twitter feed


Department for Education web-site

Pearson UK Policy Watch

Pearson have a really good education policy synopsis/ update service – free, but you have to sign up.  You can get the info via e-mail or twitter. Their website states:


Policy Watch is a regular policy briefing and updating service that keeps everyone up to date with the latest developments in the world of education. It is presented in a simple, accessible format through weekly updates, monthly summaries and associated papers and presentations.


Pearson UK Policy Watch

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