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Safeguarding training

Schools are responsible for providing adequate safeguarding training to their staff and in the past this need has been largely serviced by the safeguarding training provided by Barnet’s Safeguarding Board administered by Barnet’s corporate training service (not BPSI). 


However we understand these courses are often over subuscribed and hard to get a place.  Consequently, BPSI has expanded our safeguarding training programme to meet schools’ needs in this area but as this is an extension to our existing programme we need to charge for these courses.  As ever, all BPSI schools will receive the training at a significant discount compared to non BPSI schools.


Just a few points for clarification:


  • We want to ensure that there are no surprises for schools so safeguarding courses that will incur a charge will be clearly marked on the flyer online.


  • These new BPSI safeguarding courses can be found on the online booking system under the strand/heading "Safeguarding - BPSI"


  • Most of the extra training courses will be delivered by Helen Elliott and as Helen is on our list of BPSI advisers do remember that if you want a large number of staff trained in one go it is often cost effective to get Helen to come into your school to deliver training and use your BPSI hours to pay.


  • This new webpage for Safeguarding also provides a number of signposts to alternative providers of safeguarding training.

Other providers' training sessions


Listed below are details of a few external Safeguarding training providers.


Child Protection UK training




BEYA (Barnet Early Years Alliance)

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