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School Information and Policies

School Policies

Schools are expected to maintain a large number of policies, some statutory, some not.  This page is an attempt to help you find the advice you might need to ensure your policies are up to date and relevant for your school.



Here are a number of links that may be of use:


Some policies also need to be published on your school’s website.  Every local-authority-maintained school must publish specific information on its website to comply with The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012.


Academy or Free Schools

Schools that are an academy or free school, need to check their funding agreement to find out what should be published on the school’s website.  Ofsted Inspectors may view a school's website prior to, or during, an inspection to ensure it meets DfE regulations.


Details of the regulations can be found here:
DfE - What maintained schools must publish online

Special Education Needs

National Autism Standards (which outlines the basic standards for providing for pupils on the spectrum) and Competency Framework (which outlines the training and CPD for staff working with pupils on the spectrum).There is also a parental booklet to support parents/carers work together/communicate effectively with schools. All these materials are free to access and download.

If you are interested in arranging a BPSI School Website Review of your website to make sure it is compliant with the regulations, click here


BPSI schools have discounted membership of the TheSchoolBus which has many sample policies to download.


And finally remember that many of our consultants could attend your school and review a policy and advise on how it might be improved.  On the right are just a few that may be able to assist you.


Trevor Orr


Terry Bernstein


Jeff Howson

Online Safety

Susan Mehmet


Peter Warwick

Peer Support / Mentoring

Jackie Engelberg


Helen Elliott


Jane Morris

Sex Education

Tania Barney

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