Steve Marshall, has been involved in Science education, specifically Primary for 30 years. He is able to offer advice and support to assist in the development of science programmes in school. This includes both strategic planning, classroom implementation and pupil interaction. He is keen to work on developing contexts for science lessons, pupil recording of science, pupil assessment of their science, and science enquiry. Steve has a number of big projects under his belt available for schools including Forensics, café science, microscope festival and family challenges.
Steve has both a National and International presence and currently co directs the roll out of the Primary Science Quality Mark.

Steve Marshall

Hayley Follett is currently a Deputy Head Teacher in an 11-18 comprehensive secondary school in North London. She has been teaching in the secondary phase since 1994.  Hayley was accredited with Advanced Skills Teacher status and worked across her Local Authority whilst being a Head of Science for 9 years before moving into leadership and inspection.  Her expertise is in effective teaching and learning.

Hayley Follett

Jeff Howson has worked with Primary and Secondary schools across the UK and internationally for over 35 years as a teacher, HOD, senior teacher, examiner, trainer, project manager, adviser and education consultant. Specialising in innovation within education, Jeff passionately believes that ICT can be used in new and exciting ways, sharing ideas resources and best practice, making a difference, raising standards and maximising opportunities and achievements for all. Jeff can provide a range of consultancy guidance and support that includes:
Strategic ICT Leadership; ICT Reviews; ICT Procurement; E-Safety; Project Based Learning; E-Learning; Change Management and CPD workshops for all staff; Learning Platform development; Curriculum Development; ICT Curriculum development; Vocational and Community links; AFL; saving money using ICT; policies and procedures; G&T projects; international links; national projects (e.g Making the News / Myths and Legends etc); accessing free resources and how to create them; implementing the latest communication and collaboration tools; using tablets in the classroom; innovative classroom practice e.g. the flipped classroom and design thinking; ICT and Literacy, Numeracy and Science; developing e-books and e-libraries.

Jeff Howson

Susan Mehmet has been in education for 32 years, teaching Early Years to Year 6. During these years she has gained experience as Subject leader for Literacy, Science, Art and Foundation Subjects, Key Stage 1 leader and Deputy Headteacher.  She has also gained significant experience of working with outside agencies, local authority managers and consultants as well as senior leaders, classroom teachers and support staff within schools and Early Years settings. She has been involved in designing an E Safety scheme of work for all London schools and has trained as a CEOP Ambassador, providing Internet Safety talks to staff and parents within Primary schools. Susan has been involved with other Local Authorities in creating resources for ICT Assessment for the London Grid for Learning. 
Her role as a Primary ICT Curriculum Adviser has supported schools in developing ICT plans and vision, providing In service training for all school staff centrally and within schools. Specialist areas include Interactive whiteboard, Barnet ICT Framework, and ICT support for SEN and embedding ICT into a creative curriculum.

Susan Mehmet

Barnet Partnership for School Improvement (BPSI), Barnet Education & Learning Service, 2 Bristol Avenue Colindale, London, NW9 4EW

          020 8359 6325 / 6341 / 6306