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RM Integris Insight Meeting

We were given the opportunity to attend the RM Integris Insight meeting on Tuesday 25th April at the Best Hub. This meeting is part of the new and very successful School Office Training programme.

The meeting was well attended and was very informative, even for those of us who have been in our roles for some time.

4 members of the RM team were in attendance and all explained various parts of the scheduled programme.

Parent Hub was launched that day and we were the first to see a presentation. This is a new online app for parents, you can send text messages, pay money for dinners and trips and send emails. Parents have to register first.

We were also shown new features (and some older ones which we did not know about), we were shown a number of RM reports that would be very useful and we were shown Ad Hoc flexible and advanced reporting.

If you were unable to attend this meeting, we are now having regular Forum meetings to help with Census, an Autumn Term RM Insight meeting. If these sessions are not well attended they will stop. We don’t want this to happen as many of us find this invaluable.

Please look regularly on the circular for the next meetings and training session and book your place(s). The next available session is about putting staff and contracts onto G2 correctly for the School Workforce Census - here is the link

For those of you who attended this meeting, I just wanted to let you know I am still awaiting my fax!!!!!!

Kay Tagg

Secretary Edgware Primary School

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