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The Traded Services Business Support Team (formerly the BPSI Business Support Team)

Who are we and what do we do?

Chances are you’ve probably spoken to us at least once on the phone, sent us an email (or two) and very probably seen our names on your course bookings confirmations, but who are we and what do we do? You probably know us as the BPSI Business Support Team but we are changing our name! From now on we are to be known as the Traded Services Business Support Team as we become more involved in all the services that trade with schools in Barnet with Cambridge Education.

There are three of us in the team – Sheila Joyce, Carrie Waldren and Vicky Marwood - between us that’s nearly 40 years of supporting Barnet schools! So here is a little background about us and what we do to support you.

Sheila Joyce

I grew up in Haringey not a million miles away from Barnet, but have lived in Barnet since 1979. I have 2 daughters who both attended Barnet schools and have gone on to professional careers, which in no small way is due to the good schools they attended here in Barnet!

I wouldn’t like to divulge how long I’ve worked in this team but safe to say that I was in at the very beginning, and feel a real sense of attachment to Barnet schools. Prior to this I worked in London in the commercial sector. I have been a volunteer in a couple of Barnet schools experiencing things from the other side working in the classroom and mentoring.

I have the privilege of having the longest job title, that of Traded Services Business Support Finance and Customer Services Co-ordinator. I am the person that looks after your hours, raises invoices, pays the advisers, set advisers up, budgets! I also take the minutes for the BPSI Steering Group.

Carrie Waldren I’ve lived, been to school and (mostly) worked all my life in Barnet. I have 2 children who both attend Barnet schools - in fact my daughter was the 4th generation to attend one of the borough’s nursery schools. So I suppose I can say "I am Barnet born and bred!"

I joined BPSI in 2013, having worked in the Education and Housing Departments prior to that. In addition to the day to day stuff, I lead on organising the various reviews that we provide to our schools. As pre-children, my career was in Marketing & Communications, it made sense for me to take over control of the BPSI websites and social media accounts. I’m also the person managing this blog so please send us through anything you want to blog about.

Vicky Marwood I’ve been at Barnet Council since 2014, having moved from Scotland and Carrie and Sheila still struggle to understand me sometimes. In terms of BPSI, my main priorities are evaluation, feedback, day to day administration and organising and leading on the conferences – which I enjoy the most even if I don’t get to go!

Most days you will find me rummaging for files, helping schools with inquiries, updating our system files and databases, checking everyone’s spelling and stopping Richard from eating too much chewing gum.

In between taking your calls, emails, bookings etc. you can often find us discussing very important issues such as whether chocolate should be kept in or out of the fridge, dissecting last night’s TV viewing or which is our favourite musical (and sometimes singing the songs out loud!).

On a more serious note we’re here because we want the best outcomes for Barnet children and believe we play our part in that by providing schools with high quality training and consultancy. BPSI has been such a success because of the strong relationship we have with our schools and we always aim to be responsive to you and provide the best customer service we can. If you feel there is a gap in the CPD we offer you, please do let us know – we are a friendly bunch and really do want to help. A previous headteacher once said that we’re like a stick of rock - if you broke us in half we’d have a stripe that said Barnet running through us!!

Sheila, Carrie and Vicky Traded Services Business Support Team

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